What are your "charging habits"?


Aug 3, 2014
So I'm loving my Note 5. <3

I leave home at 7:00 with the phone on, and arrive home at 17:00. The phone is at around 75% when I get home, and I pretty much don't use it anymore until the next day since I'm home. Should I charge it, or leave it at 75% and try to go another day? Does this damage the battery? Since its non-removable, I would really like to get the most out of it. Ive read online that completely emptying the battery is bad, but I've also read that it's good to do it every now and then. (BTW, I use the phone as an alarm clock. Is it bad to leave it pllugged in even if its fully charged through the night?)

What do you guys do? Thanks
Always charge your phone when the battery downs to 20 to 15 percent and don't worry about the plugged in over night but don't make it a habit. :)
OK, thanks guys. I guess I'll just charge as necessary

One extra step I take when charging is I use a small desktop fan to keep the phone cool while charging.
Any extra benefit from this is debatable,but,removing heat is a good thing,can't hurt.
Lithium Ion batteries actually prefer frequent small charges. They don't like to be completely discharged (to dead) and then recharged. It happens periodically and that's OK, but you shouldn't make it a habit. Lithium batteries don't have the hysteresis issues that older style rechargeable batteries did, which is good. The flip side of that is, if discharged to dead, they can refuse to recharge. Of course most manufacturers place safeguards in place to try to avoid that issue. Anyway, frequent charges are fine and overcharging a LiON battery is difficult to do. So charge it when you can.

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