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what are your favorite/most important apps?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by the_doofus, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. the_doofus

    the_doofus Member
    Thread Starter

    i wanted to ask the question on this board - what are you guys' favorite and most important apps? im trying to gather some new ideas :D


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  2. ChoznJuan

    ChoznJuan Well-Known Member

    My favorite now has to be ROM Toolbox Pro by JRummy16. I use it now instead of 5-6 Alps that did use for backups & other tweaks. There are some features that aren't compatible with our TU's but most are.
  3. dollardagreat

    dollardagreat Well-Known Member

    Advanced Task Killer And Writer
  4. kct1975

    kct1975 Android Expert

    Just a suggestion....if you are running Gingerbread....you might want to stop using Advanced Task Killer....

    See some of the threads on this site for reference
  5. LesB

    LesB Member

    NO! NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!
    Don't use task killers. They cause more harm than good. Android will shut down apps you aren't using when it needs more memory on its own.

    • Not an app but $hevron rom 5.1
    • Beautiful widgets super clock with 'Not Quite ICS' theme because it blends so well with $hevrom
    • Timer Android - schedule daily reboots at night
    • Ad free
  6. aanairai

    aanairai Newbie

    My list of favorite and most important apps in no particular order:

    Quick Boot widgets
    Titanium back up
    KS unistaller
    JS Backup
    Es file explorer
    ADW Launcher
    Unlock with Wifi free
    Button Savior
    Meebo IM
    App Cache cleaner
    Dolphin Browser
  7. dollardagreat

    dollardagreat Well-Known Member

    Task Killer Is A Great App, Some People Suggest No But If U Have A lot Of Sync Programs, U Need It, If U Play Games On Ur Phone Sometimes Its Still On Even Tho U Cut It Off And Stop Playing, U Need To Stop It To Keep
    ur phone From Being Choppy......I Cuts It Off And Use Only The Widget And It Helps My Phone With No Problems.........
  8. Loota

    Loota Android Enthusiast

    Hands down my most important app is es file explorer...
  9. sr17091

    sr17091 Well-Known Member

    Mine is tapatalk because there I can be more informed on the tu forums. :D
  10. MacKHAroni

    MacKHAroni Member

    amazon app store and titanium back up
  11. LesB

    LesB Member

    To each his own....
  12. brown77

    brown77 Lurker

    My most important and as well as favorite app is "iWedPlanner" wedding app because it was very useful for my wedding planning. It has the various features like Creating your own personnel wedding website, RSVP, Reminder, Organizer, Easy finding of wedding resources and Many More. You can get this app from Google Play. The other apps liked by me, There are

    1)Temple Run
    2)Angry Bird
  13. TeachMe

    TeachMe Android Enthusiast

    what is exact name of the app timer android on the market dont find it nightly reboots would be cool

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