What are your favorite notification sounds?


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right now i am using shazaam! from the tyrone biggums soundboard for sms, and "excuse me" from the al gore southpark soundboard for all else.


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Not to hijack here but does anybody have a clean version of it. Mine, and every one I found posted throughout the web has a "click" sound at the end. Tried to edit it out but it's so close to the end of DDRROOIIIDD that if I cut it off, it sounds worse than leaving it.


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i got mine fromDL Zedge from the market, and there a few different versions of it to chose form.

the "droid" sound on zedge uploaded by "mariel19701970" sounds pretty good.


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i copied all the notification sounds and ringers from my Droid over to my Inc. my Droid is rooted so this was super easy. i use a different sounds for each notification so i know what kind of notification it is before i even look at the phone. i do not use the Drooooiiiiiiid one though. i did on the Droid, but not the Inc.


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It's ok, I am using the "Alert" noise from Metal Gear Solid, and the Codec ring as my ring tone. To the normal person, it sounds normal. Occasionally is goes off, and I hear someone say "Snake!!"
Been using the "is anyone there" sound from the sentry bots in Portal. Freaks the hell out of my friends when it goes off, get a lot of "what the eff was that" from them. Lol