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What battery life times are YOU seeing?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by insaneoctane, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Android Expert

    My battery is at %40...22h 18m unplugged. I use the phone a good amount too. I have been able to make just about any android phone last this long. Just have to adjust your settings

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  2. davinci77

    davinci77 Lurker

    My Battery life is pretty good if I keep the brightness all the way down in the display settings, It sucks really bad if I use GPS. And as far talk time and texting and browsing , I would say its okay. Basically, it depends on what you are performing on your phone......
  3. NYC BOI

    NYC BOI Lurker

    My batt is pretty good I go probably 10 to 12 hours w/o charging and I make calls & text, use slacker radio, Facebook & other apps.
  4. kols

    kols Lurker

    Love this phone except for its lame ringer (got to be with-in half a foot to hear it) and toxic T-Mobile TV app (got charged twice without ordering anything or authorizing charges).

    But don't believe anything T-Mobile or HTC claim. My experience is exactly the same - if you use the phone, think 3-cell laptop battery; anything over three hours is a gift. And don't expect much from customer service - even if your particular rep knows anything, he or she has to follow the party line. Only realistic way to judge battery life is trial and error.

    In short, good product linked to bad companies - ATT, T-Mobile and HTC deserve each other.
  5. vnguyen972

    vnguyen972 Newbie

    My battery all of a sudden couldn't last a few hours... not sure what's going on... when I take it off the charger, it was 100%, then I was browsing FB, then it just shuts off... then I realized my battery was drained to 5%... I even did a factory reset and tried again without any other apps installed... I was browsing Market then it shuts off again... maybe I need a new battery? anyone got a similar issue?
  6. x BreW CiTy

    x BreW CiTy Lurker

    For anyone having battery issues. Download juice defender. Free app from the market. Not the beta, the regular version. Works wonders! Make sure u read the description so u understand how it works. It increased my battery as much as 8 hours with light usage on 2.2, I just got the gingerbread update and it's wayyyy better than 2.2,. My phone has been off the charger for almost 11 hours now and I'm still at 65% battery with juice defender!!!! I sell phones for a living and recommend juice defender to all my customers!!! How this helps! I know it will :)
  7. vnguyen972

    vnguyen972 Newbie

    Rooted my phone and my battery lasts forever... so glad I did.
  8. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    Okay- installed the T-Mobile Gingerbread update two days ago. I also installed a "Gauge Battery Widget". I have no other task/battery managers right now.

    Last night, I pulled my phone off the charger. Right now, I've got nearly 13 hours and still have 72% of my battery charge... with Froyo I'd be lucky to get more than 5-6 hours of standby time without using the phone at all.

    So just from a power management perspective, I'd say yes Gingerbread is worth the install... and the overall speed is snappier.

    This is how Froyo should have run all along. Now if someone will figure out a way to root GB without having to first downgrade to froyo...

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