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what browser do you use?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by donjuro, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. donjuro

    donjuro Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I was wondering what browser you guys use and why. Originally I used maxthon, in a performance guy and decided to put it up against a couple others. I tested maxthon vs Firefox beta vs puffin. Maxthon came in last being the slowest, Firefox showed great improvement and I absolutely love the GUI but wish they made lightweight versions with no plugin feature or anything like that, and then puffin, wow oh wow, this browser is snappy. I stuck with puffin but am considering playing with Firefox again because I hate the gui of puffin, especially how it handles tabs.

  2. jarin12ga

    jarin12ga Member

    I just use Google and Google chrome!!No problems!!Used it today for business and it sizzles on 4G!!!This phone rips!!
  3. donjuro

    donjuro Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I used to use chrome and loved it, that is until it caused my phone to freeze and reboot often. I now believe it was a memory allocation issue. I had some apps installed that had problems with being memory hogs. I hope that if I install it again, the Same problem doesn't happen.
  4. 2prevail

    2prevail Android Enthusiast

    Chrome, always my daily driver. I love having my bookmarks on my laptop on my phone and vice versa, GENIUS lol
  5. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Guy
    VIP Member

    I use Chrome for my browser.

    Sent from my N9100
  6. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Android Enthusiast

    Chrome, but it is a pain to save a link imo. Browser app removed.
  7. MidshipAc

    MidshipAc Well-Known Member

    Chrome I like the sync and the tabs.
  8. yogem

    yogem Newbie

    Haha... Firefox! Chrome works good on my computers, Firefox Sucks...

    But on mobile, Firefox is great and Chrome Sucks...
  9. donjuro

    donjuro Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I loved chrome when I had less apps and had more memory to use, for such a slim browser it uses too much memory, I like how clean of a browser it is, but its poor performance forced me to move on to Firefox, hopefully my experience is different on cm10.
  10. DravenXcore

    DravenXcore Well-Known Member

    Next Browser FTW! I love it. And to have the main start links as a widget with a flip ticker. ;)
  11. AJM3RD

    AJM3RD Newbie

    I use the stock Android browser. I was all about Dolphin, but the stock browser works great, renders everything nicely, it's fast and has none of the dolphin bloat.
  12. Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Well-Known Member

    I use Chrome & InBrowser, have never had a hiccup with either (I don't condsider Chromes ability to be a memory hog a hiccup persay).
  13. zachary80

    zachary80 Member

    I use Opera for browsing most of the time, as it saves 81% of my data with off-road mode - this is for speed and reliability more than caring about any limit of my unlimited plan. I use Chrome as my secondary browser. And I use Lastpass for anything that requires a login; I installed it and the Firefox plugin but the Lastpass app works more smoothly for me.
  14. parbosz

    parbosz Member

    i use dolphin, its the best and the fastest !
  15. alchemy666

    alchemy666 Newbie

    desktop: firefox nightly user
    android: dolphin, dolphin jetpack, nightmode (really enjoy the user agent switcher gestures and sonar) & i use firefox for other things
  16. robertjw4688

    robertjw4688 Member

    UC Browser is amazing!
  17. sawbones999

    sawbones999 Well-Known Member

    I used to use stock browser all the time unless I needed flash, then I used dolphin.

    Then I tried chrome and used it for awhile. But I tried Firefox mobile when it came out and haven't looked back since.

    Mainly BC I use a lot of the same add ons on mobile as I do on desktop (such as adblock plus).

    Just my .02 USD
  18. Lizawaz

    Lizawaz Lurker

    I had Firefox for the longest because I love its interface. Great with bookmarks and sync. I would switch between it and my stock browser- Chrome. I got rid of Firefox because of the bloat/memory it used up. Other than that it was my dream browser. Still use it on my laptop. Now back to just Chrome although I did enjoy Atlas Web browser but it kept crashing. You can't beat chrome with its fast page loading, easy use bookmarks management, and the fluidity of it all. I'm still looking for something that doesn't use so much memory, though.

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