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What browser

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Girevik, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Girevik

    Girevik Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What browser do most folks use on the Prime? So far I've just used the stock browser.

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  2. andoird213

    andoird213 Android Expert

    Chrome Beta :D
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Boat browser. Fast, totally great at making it custom fit your needs with dozens of easy tweaks, and I've found that it renders flash pages best of all I've tried. I am surprised not everyone uses it. Currently testing it using Firefox as the user agent setting with good results.
  4. Corootai

    Corootai Member

    oh wow i didn't know there was a chrome beta. lucky, anywho i'm running Dolphin Browser HD and Dolphin Browser for pad, it's basicly the same browser but one is ment for tablets and it needs more features added, it's in a lovely stage. try it out. ^_^
  5. andoird213

    andoird213 Android Expert

    Chrome Beta is in the market for ICS devices only, which includes us :D . It isn't as featured packed as other browsers like Dolphin, but the most amazing thing about it is the "Other Devices" tab which lets you sync actual tabs between multiple devices. So if I'm looking at a page on my phone, I go in to Other Devices --> Galaxy Nexus and the page and all the other tabs open on my phone will be there for me to click on. It also has the cleanest UI from what I've seen. The only thing that can become a pain is that there is no flash. However, there is an app called "Flashify" which, if you're on a page with a flash plugin, will allow you to open the same page in another browser via the Share option. Highly recommended.
  6. sgosnell

    sgosnell Well-Known Member

    Chrome Beta doesn't do flash, so if you want to access flash-enabled sites, it won't do the job. Boat and DolphinHD will. There is also Firefox, and for the adventurous, Aurora, which is the bleeding-edge version of Firefox. The last time I checked, Aurora didn't do Flash acceptably. I generally use Boat and DolphinHD interchangeably.
  7. andoird213

    andoird213 Android Expert

    " The only thing that can become a pain is that there is no flash. However, there is an app called "Flashify" which, if you're on a page with a flash plugin, will allow you to open the same page in another browser via the Share option. " :D
  8. ylexot

    ylexot Android Expert

    I primarily use Boat, but also use Chrome, Firefox, and Overskreen.

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  9. sgosnell

    sgosnell Well-Known Member

    So why wouldn't you just use another browser in the first place? I keep trying Chrome, and I keep discarding it. It just looks, and acts, so much like an amateur's attempt at writing software.
  10. andoird213

    andoird213 Android Expert

    The answer to that is also in my initial post. I did give a quite a bit of my reasoning; you may not agree with it but I did give it. And to call Google amateurs well...that's something else in itself
  11. theandies

    theandies Android Enthusiast

    Another vote for Boat. The Dev is starting to make add-ons so it's only going to get better.
  12. sgosnell

    sgosnell Well-Known Member

    I didn't quite call Google amateurs, I just said their browser looks amateurish to me. And it does. On Android, Linux, Windows, or whatever other OS, Chrome just looks like a toy app to me. I can't get past the ugly interface, and without flash support it's really unusable for me. But there's a reason there are lots of browser choices available. Whatever floats your boat, so to speak.
  13. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    I'm a new user of ICS Browser+........available from the Playstore for free...and I'm liking it.
    It's similar to the stock browser but faster and plays flash videos. It also uses the same bookmarks from your stock browser.
  14. bikbok

    bikbok Member

    I use Opera Mobile :)
  15. An UrgeTo Dance

    An UrgeTo Dance The Hero of the Winds

    I would recommend Chrome Beta, it is fast and allows you to send web pages to and from your computer, phone, and tablet. It also syncs with each other so you can usually just open a new tab on your tablet and it brings up all the tabs you have open on your computer.
  16. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I prefer Dolphin in iPad mode. The reason being web pages are faster and are more catered to tablets when in this mode. Not to mention video content that streams in this mode tends to look better and less stress than Flash.

    You get the best of both worlds: Better web page formats and both streaming options, since can also use Flash when a page does not support iPad. I have noticed though a HUGE increase in sites supporting iPad.

    Ironic, but please try it out.


    Two great examples are Dailymotion and IGN.com. Videos look better than in Flash mode and do not make the device run as warm. Same for phones too.
  17. KouDy

    KouDy Newbie

    I tested few browsers today (being new user to Transformer) and got hooked with Firefox beta. Simple reasons being that i didn't find any speed differences between browsers. Firefox looked reasonably good for control (tested without dock) and also i can sync it with my PC so it's kinda winner. If it wasn't firefox i would go for Sleipnir. Very nicely done browser.
  18. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

    I use Dolphin HD as my preferred browser on my Prime. I use LastPass and X-marks to keep everything in sync with my desktop Firefox browser.
  19. KouDy

    KouDy Newbie

    Ended up with Sleipnir for extensive testing. So far i'm very pleased with performance.
  20. Gooser91

    Gooser91 Well-Known Member

  21. ilomambo

    ilomambo Newbie

    I use ICS+ and it is quite good. It does not use the bookmarks from the stock browser, as far as I know. My stock browser did a make believe of sync with my chrome bookmarks, and in the end it imported just the folder shell of it. ICS+, on the other hand, is really synchronized with my chrome bookmarks, even in real time. I added a new bookmark on my PC and a few seconds later it was already in ICS+.
    I have also installed Dolphin HD, and it is also very good browser. Amazing gestures feature, although they messed it up a bit in their last update. Also it does not sync with chrome bookmarks.

    Regarding chrome for android, it takes up 60gb of storage space! It is more than 10 times the storage space of any other browser. Maybe it is just because it is beta and has lot of debug code, I installed and uninstalled, decided to wait till the official release in hope it will shrink to normal size.
  22. andoird213

    andoird213 Android Expert

    I like. The biggest thing I thought, other than flash, that was missing was the desktop site feature which I loved so much in the stock ICS browser, and that was included in this update. They also added the ability to run YouTube videos through the native app now which makes things a bit better. I find that I rarely need flash, and when I do, like I said, that app "Flashify" in the market is really all you need since you only need it for a few seconds. Big thumbs up to Google, when you get yours I highly recommend you try it out!

    (Oh, only thing they're still missing is quick controls :D )
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  23. Arun01

    Arun01 Member

    The best browser for the prime is Quick ICS Browser.:cool:
  24. KouDy

    KouDy Newbie

    Now talking about browsers... Which browser will allow me to view imageshack in normal form and not screwed mobile version where there are no features (links to pictures, links for forums, etc)? Tried built in, firefox and sleipnir and they are all stubborn. It's super cool to have TF Prime around with you but when it comes to this simple thing i found no way how to post thumb on forum...
  25. andoird213

    andoird213 Android Expert

    Request Desktop View would make it show up. This is a feature on Chrome and Stock browsers.

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