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What can a Droid do that an iPhone can't?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by templatequeen, May 31, 2010.

  1. templatequeen

    templatequeen Lurker
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    I am just curious, I have a BB pearl now. I have Verizon,
    I am looking to get a new phone, I really want an iPhone but don't think verizon will ever get it and I dont know how much longer I want to wait.

    So I am looking at a Droid I have no idea which one yet. It seems like it is a 50/50 love hate feedback on all the different models.

  2. MeaganMeister

    MeaganMeister Lurker

    Well, for thing, Verizon has much better 3G coverage so your phone will work in almost any place you go to, whereas the At&T network doesn't.
    In Montana and North Dakota and South Dakota
    The Iphone hardly works at all.

    Other than that
    The Droid does just as much as the Iphone and It has an open application market so who knows, it can probably do even more depending on what you want your phone for.
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  3. sgrif

    sgrif Lurker

    Well a big one with 2.2, flash.

    I just made the switch, and for me the reason is simply that you can literally replace any part of the software with a third party app. My boss had me help her set up her new Motorola Droid, she'd never used a touch screen keyboard before, I went on the market, found her one with an easier learning curve. Things like that you can't do on the iPhone.
  4. Sungmurai7

    Sungmurai7 Guest

    I just picked up the myTouch Slide and coming from a person that has been using the 2G iPhone for the past 3 years I am really diggin' the Slide. Does everything I had on the iPhone 2G without having to hack it. The speed and smoothness of the phone was surprising thanks to the 512MB RAM even though the processor is below 1GHZ. Physical keyboard is a plus even though I only use Swype. The on screen keyboard is not bad either. You will often hear the Slide as being a mid-range Android but I think it's more on the border line of upper mid-range to high-end. Overall I think Android will give you more freedom.
  5. Fuzzy Cow

    Fuzzy Cow Lurker

    Too me comparing Android to iPhone is like comparing the Main Dish to the appetizer. There are so many other SWEET things you can do with Android. I personally like HTC sense on top of it but there is literally millions of things. Probably more things to do than you and I can think of. If you want to have fun on your phone I would say an Android phone, if you want strictly business you should get an iPhone... But Android can do it all I believe. I just convinced myself that Android is more like the main dish and the dessert:)

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