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General What can I do to reactivate my non responsive S4 touchscreen?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AnotherS4User, Mar 30, 2016.

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    Mar 30, 2016

    Mar 30, 2016
    My Galaxy S4 touchscreen suddenly stopped working yesterday. The power button brought up the lighted screen, but screen was non responsive to touch, and I could not unlock the phone. All functions of the phone seem to be working, as I get sound notification of texts and emails, and the status bar shows notifications. I can also make & receive calls from my car's handsfree, and take incoming calls on the phone itself with the voice recognition "answer" command. So it seems the phone is working fine...just a non-responsive touch screen.
    I tried a few "soft resets", removing the battery from the phone while on, pressing the power button for at least a minute, and then replacing the battery and restarting. No luck. Overnight, I let the battery run down to very little, and VERY BRIEFLY the touchpad was working again. I think I unlocked the phone, looked at email without opening a message, and looked to see FB notifications before the screen went dead again -- so, very few commands and then non-working again.
    I have removed the 16gb card for external storage, and am thinking about a hard reset -- power button, volume button and home button pushed simultaneously to clear the cache. But before I do that I want to back up the info on the phone. The phone memory says it has 1.7gb free, and about 8.11gb used. I am at a loss to see where all that used space is, because if I click the folders one by one, there doesn't seem to be any big storage that I can see -- just a few KB or MB in various files.
    I don't really want to do the hard reset, because I like to keep my texts...but maybe that is why the cache is so full. Is there any way to get the texts off and save or restore them? Also, am I on the right track about the touchscreen issue being caused by the too full cache? Any suggestions?
    I was so frustrated I called a highly reviewed cell repair shop here in Tucson, and they flatly said the phone needed a new touchscreen, it didn't have anything to do with data or the cache. Just so you know the facts, the phone did have the screen replaced with a genuine Samsung screen in Sept 2015, but there have been no problems since that miraculous repair.
    Again, any suggestions or ideas...?


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