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What car stereo for HTC Desire?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sirlylos, May 19, 2010.

  1. sirlylos

    sirlylos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys,

    First post here. I'm having a lot of difficulty chosing an option for my HTC Desire that was similar to my iphone setup.

    Ok here

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  2. jred7469

    jred7469 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sirlylos,

    I'm in the same boat as you and want a car stereo that possibly supports A2DP

    However what i do know from copying music to the phone is that if you had it as 'disk drive' surely you could set the head unit to browse to the MP3 directory which would play all your music and charge your desire?

    By all means anybody correct me if i'm wrong but it seems like it would work, only thing you would lose out on is changing track from the phone itself.
  3. sirlylos

    sirlylos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the response jred7469.

    From the hours of research I've been doing I have come to the conclusion that the best possible solution would be the USB charge/mp3 route in the rear of the stereo but I've been in touch with both Clarion and Alpine who say that the phone 'probably' wont charge. However, from looking around on other forums it appears that some stereo's do charge and play mp3's at the same time.

    I'm popping around tonight to see a mate who has a stereo with a USB output to see what happens. I'll report back.
  4. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    Have a look at the Blaupunkt range
    Blue Spot audio

    Some of their models support A2DP streaming. I've yet to test streaming but I did pair the phone with an older Blaupunkt just fine.
  5. sirlylos

    sirlylos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi Morat,

    Thanks. There are quite a few stereos that actually use A2DP but I really wanted to know what the sound quality was like before taking the plunge and at least with USB I know it'll be good quality.
  6. hot-fuzz

    hot-fuzz Newbie

    I've got a jvc r811 and love it simply because it does so much for little money.
    I Have the desire connected via bluetooth and play music that way as I don't want to plug it in every time.
    You can do the usual a2dp controls with it but doesn't display the track on the unit. The desire needs to have avrcp 1.3 to do that and it doesn't yet.
    If you connect it via usb then you can easily see the music folders via the headunit and it charges it.

    It sound great and have never had any skipping, all for only
  7. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    I use A2DP headphones regularly with my Desire and get great sound, I don't see the quality dropping with a decent head unit.
  8. sirlylos

    sirlylos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi hot-fuzz,

    The JVC actually looks really good for the price, I was just wondering if you could answer a few questions on it:

    • is the bluetooth built-in (it doesn't take up the rear USB port does it?)
    • Is there a seperate mic or is it built in to the unit?
    • Can you change the colour display? (it looks purple in some pics and red in others)
    Much appreciated.

  9. hot-fuzz

    hot-fuzz Newbie

    The usb is a tiny module that needs to be plugged in. I have mine in the front and its so small you don't notice it. I've heard of others running a hub off the rear so they don't lose a slot but I use the front which suits me perfectly.

    The mic is external on a very long cable plugged into the rear.

    Colours can be set to different areas of the unit. The buttons can be one colour and the screen another then 2 completely different colours for when its night. And they can be pretty much any colour you Luke as you have a red green and blue slider.
    Hope that helps
  10. Lps

    Lps Newbie


    couldn't answer a couple of questions could you please mate?

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else but it seems you've already gone down the path i was about to take! After seeing your name pop up on a few other forums (AV in particular) i know you've already had & returned a Pioneer, but i also noticed you ordered a Sony MEX-BT5700U before settling on the JVC. Could i just ask why you returned that?

    Been spending far too many hours trawling the net looking for a HU and keep going in circles lol! If i'm honest i'm not a huge fan of the JVC's looks (i know, i know) I've only really ever had Pioneers and find them easy to navigate because of this.

    I realise the Sony MEX-BT5700U is about twice the price of the JVC at
  11. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

  12. mikem2te

    mikem2te Lurker

    I was in a similar situation to yourself and hot-fuzz a couple of weeks ago and decided on the JVC-811, I wrote a little about it here-

    So its been faultless, it plays a2dp, charges the phone, plays music from an externual USB harddisk, plays music from the phone when connected in disk drive mode.

    My only issue with it, the styling cound be a bit better but for only
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  13. Lps

    Lps Newbie

  14. Intruder

    Intruder Android Enthusiast

    Shame they did not fit an FM modulator in the desire :(
  15. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    How does Google navigation work with the stereo - does it mute the sound as it would if you were playing music on the phone?
  16. jred7469

    jred7469 Well-Known Member

  17. mikem2te

    mikem2te Lurker

    I had my eyes on a Kenwood but it would have cost an additional
  18. Lps

    Lps Newbie

    just a bit of a follow up on this really...

    after a bit more trawling online i see that Kenwood have 3 or 4 head units that run A2DP & AVRCP (unsure of what version though)

    Has anybody got or tried one of these units?

    Quite like the look of the Kenwood KDC-BT50U ???

    Considering its around the
  19. Lps

    Lps Newbie

    right well i've stuck an order in for one of the Kenwood KDC-BT50U so will report back on how it is as soon as i've had a chance to test it out properly.

    depending on how quick (or not!) it arrives of course... :rolleyes:
  20. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    Look forward to reading it. :)
  21. 400ixl

    400ixl Member

    Will be interested in seeing the review of the Kenwood.

    Still can't make my mind up on what to get.
  22. hot-fuzz

    hot-fuzz Newbie

    Ignore avrcp. I bought a stereo that has the profile 1.3 that allows streaming of track names and details over bluetooth, but it doesn't work on the desire so it must be the desires fault.
  23. Lps

    Lps Newbie

    Ok, quick update.

    Picked up my Kenwood BT50U yesterday & had a quick attempt tonight at getting it going.

    As you only get a manual on a CD (didn't have time to take the laptop out to the car) i thought i'd give it a quick go by just randomly blundering through the settings...

    Both devices can "see" each other, the HU shows the phones name on the display & the HU is in the devices list on the Desire. Great.

    But then i have a problem, not great. Everytime i long press and click "connect" on the Desire it scans for a few seconds then i get the "headset disconnected" message on screen? and the connection fails. If i try connecting the BT via the HU by selecting the phones name is attempts to find the phone (i have made it findable in settings) but it doesn't manage to connect that way either.

    I've also tried firing up the music app and sharing a track via BT which the phone says it sends to the HU but nothing happens. The phone will play a track but without any volume as if it thinks the HU is playing it over the speakers.

    Also the other thing that the HU is doing is showing "downloading" on the screen whilst it attempts to sync the phones contacts to the HU but it just doesn't seem to complete the sync.

    After a bit of searching through posts on here i found another member who is using a Kenwood BT60U that seems to be working (streaming & phone use via BT) and also having the problem with not being able to get the contacts on the HU.

    Hopefully it's just down to a setting that needs enabling or im doing something wrong on the HU as overall it's a pretty nice unit with plenty of options. I've tried both the usual passcodes (0000 & 1234) but neither seem to allow connection.

    Any ideas would be helpful, it seems the Desire isn't the greatest when it comes to bluetooth....
  24. Uncle Tupelo

    Uncle Tupelo Newbie

    Maybe, maybe not. Doesn't help you I'm afraid but the Desire connected to my Bluetooth Jabra headset first time without reading any instructions.
  25. Lps

    Lps Newbie

    todays update...

    after a couple of hours messing about i've finally got the Desire paired up & working at last.

    will do a little review of the HU once i've used it for a few days and got used to it.

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