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What changes should I expect from Sense 3.0?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hi all

    So got the update today and I'm a bit unsure what to expect from it?

    I've noticed that the screen swipes seem to be responsive and the SMS interface is better. And there is also the new wallpaper thingy (technical term there!).

    So can you help me as to what I should expect?

    With thanks


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  2. john_g

    john_g Android Enthusiast

    The best thing I've discovered so far with the latest update is that you can go into settings and change the four apps which you can drag into the unlock circle... quick access to PowerAMP at last!

    The daftest thing is that the download progress bar which appears when I open an email is hidden beneath the bottom toolbar.
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  3. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Yeah, the update takes you from HTC Sense 2.1 to 3, but it's still gingerbread underneath.
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  4. HecklerUK

    HecklerUK Member

    I've found that the whole phone seems to be much quicker now, moving between screens is much faster and of course loops around now.

    I'm wondering about battery life though... normally when I go to bed the phone is fully charged and when I use it next around 8-10hrs later it's at about 80%... Today after the update it was at 56%... this is with wifi/gps and such left on all the time.
  5. 2badmice

    2badmice Well-Known Member

    How do you do this then?
  6. john_g

    john_g Android Enthusiast

    Settings -> Personalize -> Lock screen

    Then swipe left/right to select which lock screen you want to use (I like "Weather"), and then pressing "Settings" allows you to choose the four lock screen shortcuts that will be shown.
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  7. 2badmice

    2badmice Well-Known Member

    Scrap what I said, have managed it, I think
  8. Spaceprobe

    Spaceprobe Android Enthusiast

    I like it a lot but I would agree it as a slight negative effect on battery life
  9. TJGoSurf

    TJGoSurf Android Expert

    I upgraded to Sense 3.0, worst mistake of my life. My girlfriend left me, my mistress left me for my girlfriend, my dog turned on me, my house was robbed, and I lost my big toe nail in a freak horseback riding accident. Those things could be unrelated but they only happened after I installed Sense 3.0.
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  10. SB13X

    SB13X Android Expert

    Thanks given for putting a smile back on my face.
  11. crippsy_99

    crippsy_99 Newbie

    I finally took the plunge and upgraded earlier to 2.3.5 with Sense 3.0..Still not sure what to think of it though!

    It does seem smoother. Looks and feels like a new phone where im not used to the new layout.
    'Only' had one of the big issues with it so far, and that was the no mobile data, but easily sorted.

    However, not sure about a couple of things with the new Sense layout. Not too keen at the moment on the lock screen, with the circles, but that Im sure i'll get used too shortly as its still basically the same as before to unlock it.

    The answering calls feature is my issue now..before it was simply swipe up or down to answer or reject a call, which was easy enough even when half asleep or whatever, and now as far as I can tell you can answer pretty much anyway (dragging the main ring anywhere on screen, or dragging the answer circle into the ring), but the ONLY way ive found so far to reject a call is to drag the small red reject circle into the ring at the bottom..am I missing something?
    So now it looks like unless I can see the screen and concentrating (ie not asleep or drunk), the chances are I could answer unwanted calls rather than reject them?
  12. ral

    ral Android Expert

    I noticed it seems to run less background apps now. If you install Advance Task Killer and see what you have running before updating and after, you will be surprised how much less is running in the background.

    HTC's Sense 3.0/Android 2.35 has its own task killer, and a build in Apps2SD and cache cleaner app. A lot more eye candy in every from weather to SMS. A bit of a hit in battery life as near as I can tell.
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  13. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    I'm not liking the update to the calendar ...seems like you can't open a date anymore to view or add an event by tapping on that date.
  14. ral

    ral Android Expert

    That part is not too intuitive. Double tap on the hour the event starts.
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  15. kitcarfreak

    kitcarfreak Lurker

    Since the update, my pictures are stored in another folder on the sd card, dlna movie sharing doesn't work anymore on my samsung ue40D5000, gives a "codec not supported" message now, works perfectly with movies captured before the upgrade. So the recording codec must of changed to something incompatible.

    The locations/navigation menu structure completely changed for the worse in my opinion, not that the old interface was great but it has only become worse imho.

    Answering a call the first time is a challenge, you have to drag the green phone into the ring, not vice versa, so first calls are all missed.
  16. ral

    ral Android Expert

    The system for answering and dismissing calls (and alarms) was better with Sense 2.1.
  17. john_g

    john_g Android Enthusiast

    I agree that it's very fiddly, more like a fairground game than a screen unlocker, but I've found that dragging the icon to the bottom of the screen in the general direction of the ring seems good enough. Doing that rather than trying to be precise seems to work well enough.

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