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What Color?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by plainbrad, May 27, 2010.

  1. plainbrad

    plainbrad Member
    Thread Starter

    Which color are you going to get or what color do you have?

    Seen lots of reviews that talk about how visible fingerprints are with the black slide. I think I want the black one but I know I will constantly be wiping it off.

    White seems to be the "in" color or closer to silver/aluminum that some want. i worry that with age the white will "yellow" and I don't want that look.

    I'm a fan of red and I think they choose a good shade of red but I would worry that each time I pull my phone out of my pocket it will scream "Look at me look at me!" and that isn't my style - plus, fingerprints are a possibility.

    So, any thoughts on color?

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  2. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    You think too much lol. I am going red I think......... unless it looks bad in person then I will go black just so my phone is one solid color..... whit is not an option to me.
  3. Ohgami

    Ohgami Well-Known Member

    I will be going Red... I have had good luck with Red Phones. And People ALWAYS knows It's mine :p
  4. dasudevil

    dasudevil Android Enthusiast

    I have a white mytouch and well there is NO yellow about it. BTW got it when it first came out. I also do not leave the phone in the sun actually its more in a fridge then outside. (lunch box for work)
  5. Member110111

    Member110111 Guest

    Gonna grab the red for my wife.
  6. erb0817

    erb0817 Member

    I'm going for black. May show fingerprints but a case will solve that problem.
  7. Exaqtion

    Exaqtion Well-Known Member

    I just ordered mine. I got the red, but just a warning if you do it early like I did (12:00pm) They will try to tell you there is no red for some reason. I told them I needed it ordered now and I want red or Im just going to cancel my contract and then all of a sudden there was a red lol. Im guessing there manager just wanted them to sell the black/white first.
  8. Fordude

    Fordude Newbie

    Picked mine up this morning... Black with the body glove case - I LOVE IT!!!! Very smooth and fast Zoooooooooom!!!
  9. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    no they told you that because the reds are supposed to be held until the official release date of the 16th... that is why none of the stores have them TMO hasn't shipped them yet.

    hopefully your red one will be kinda like my wife's white one ALL of the accessories are white with silver... the wall-to-USB charger, USB cable and ear buds/hands free. where as everything on mine is all black. that andit's nice not having to buy yet another car charger for my big truck, my 12v to USB for my iPod works with the Slide.

    was really digging the "box" everything came in also
  10. grrrizo

    grrrizo Newbie

    Yes tmo stores have them in red picked one up this morning.They just dont have a lot,the store i went 2 had 30blk 30white and only 3 red.Btw this is a sweet phone
  11. erb0817

    erb0817 Member

    My store didn't have red, but they only had 3 black and 3 white...not the biggest store.
  12. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Android Enthusiast

    One store only had 1 white, so I called around to find a red one. Its a really nice red, not too showy, very classy red.
  13. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    I went with black and I don't see TOO much difference between it and my behold2 as far as finger prints but I'm anal and do keep the phone whiped down whenever I can
  14. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    I had a black mytouch (first gen) and it did show fingerprints, but I'm sure YMMV. I wouldn't worry about the phone itself yellowing, but if you plan to cover it with an invisible shield (or something like that) the shield tends to yellow which is a lot more visible on a white phone. I have a friend who uses a white G1 and has it covered with an invisible shield. He has to recover it every couple months because it starts looking grungy, but once the shield is off it's just as white as the day he got it.
  15. BLACK!!!! i need a case still
  16. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    finally got my big truck near a Retail store that had some red ones and after seeing the phone in person I didn't even have to think twice... swapped my black for the red. I like it because it isn't a bright red, it is more subdued and semi metallic look
  17. nvillamob

    nvillamob Member

    I like the white Mytouch 3g, but I think the slide looks better in black. Mainly because the buttons on the slide are black so that looks better than it does on the white phone. I'm not a fan of red. But the decision was kinda made for me when I called to order my phone last night and all they had was black :)
  18. King_Sickness

    King_Sickness Newbie

    I'm going for the White version.

    Black makes the phone look like any other phone on the market. Red is cool but I'd rather have something neutral. If they had a Silver model I'd definitely get it, but the White looks really cool imo. I love how the White stands out amongst the black accents, looks really sweet.

    One thing I don't like about the Red is how the entire phone isn't red, the keyboard is black and throws off the color flow somewhat imo.
  19. Xian

    Xian Newbie

    Black. I've always hated white phones and Red isn't my favorite color when it comes to phones. I'm generally a fan of black or dark gray phones.
  20. stryder06

    stryder06 Member

    I went with the black one for myself at first and got the white one for my wife. I traded the black one in later for the white one, and I'm glad I did.
  21. tangie85705

    tangie85705 Lurker

    It was hard but I went with the white.I like the color contrast between the white, silver,and black
  22. NxJ

    NxJ Newbie

    I have the white one and ive had it since it first got out. it doesnt get dirty very easy. i had a white G1 for 2 years and it never yellowed. i did have a case on it since the day i got but it still looked brand new when i sold it last week.
  23. rok0187

    rok0187 Newbie

    picked up the red cause not a lot of ppl got it and i like standing gout in the crowad just my thoughts
  24. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast

    I have the white one! I love it! I get compliments on it. It will go well with my white nursing school uniform. I just wish I could find a case!!!

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