what device are you using to connect your GS4 to your TV?


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What device are you using to connect to a tv?
ie: hdmi cable, xbox, ps3, dlna, MHL adapters, blueray player, smart tv???

I want to connect wirelessly to my HDTV, but I do not want to be tied down by an HDMI cable.

I can of course send most videos and pictures through my Xbox-360 while connected to my home WIFI network,

But... that is pretty minimalistic in its features...

I am interested in the Samsung Hub device ( $89.99 @ Best Buy this week )
but I am wondering if there is a cheaper solution to wirelessly "Mirror" my entire phone to my tv.

What have you tried, and what type of investment was it? how easy was it to use, and was it quick and easy to set up and use each time?

Online, I have seen many wireless HDMI dongles that charge via USB, and just plug into your tv's HDMI port, and they all claim to be android compatible, but there is very little detail on what they actually do, and what models they actually work with...???

What do you think?


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I've been considering the hub for use with the Pioneer Appradio2 Android car stereo. I had viewed a couple YouTube videos and it seemed to have a little lag, but otherwise worked well. I do not own it yet.

If you purchase at Best Buy, I would recommend doing the price match for the identical item at the lower price from Amazon.

Amazon.com: Samsung WI-FI All-Share Cast Hub, Wireless HDMI Display Adapter (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

I recall one of those YouTube vids mentioning an equivalent product, NetGear PTV3000 Push2TV. Here is a vid on that device:

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless mirroring to TV with Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 - YouTube


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This may not be much of an issue to folks in this forum, but best I can tell, the phone display seems to stay on while using the Allshare Cast Hub. This issue may be worth considering if you plan to use the phone to watch movies on a television in a dark room, and possibly a concern with phone battery life.

If anyone else is aware of any upgrades or any of these mirroring devices that will allow the phone's display to sleep while in use, please let us know ...