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What Device Did You Move Onto?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by admn81, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. admn81

    admn81 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well people, it was fun while it lasted, but my upgrade is here....kinda torn btwn a G2 and S4...It just sucks cause it seems like there is a trend towards non removable batteries and all internal storage meaning the micro sd cards are useless. Id rather not have to manually upload all my music and pics etc and then re dl them on a new phone.(my charging port broke so i cant transfer my files to my laptop)

    Anyway,for those of u who have moved on, what phone did u choose and why?

    Last but not least, I just wanted to thank all the devs(MTMichaelson wherever you are, D2A, PG, Neph, TDM) and other users, I apologize if i forgot anyone. It was cool being part of the community when this phone was first released and I hope all u new users enjoy everything that has been accomplished on it!

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    And when the phone freezes and you have to pull the battery ... just hope the store has a new phone in stock and you don't have to wait for it to be delivered after you buy it. And when the battery goes, either pay the man to open the phone and replace the battery or buy a new phone.

    I have an SD card and it's still (so far) useless. Only 32GB of internal storage, and I'm a software junkie, but it's going to take me a long time to fill the phone up.

    Aidroid, Wifi File Transfer, half a dozen other apps.

    Note 3. Huge screen. (Cataract in one eye. Can't tell a 3 from an 8 in solitaire in a smaller screen.) Fast CPU. Loads of RAM. (On the negative side, AT&T version - locked down tighter than San Quentin. But someone will crack it - there are some really talented people out there.)

    Next phone may be one made by the "we make phones for users,not for corporations" company, whoever that turns out to be.
  3. bones420la

    bones420la Android Enthusiast

    I've switched over to my old fascinate. 1.4ghz on 4.2.2 runs smoother than the spec stock. Data speed sucks. But now with the spec being just a music player. Battery life is amazing

    But if I had choice of a new phone. It would be the gigantic HTC one. Or the g2
  4. reeseboy

    reeseboy Android Enthusiast

    I'm on the G2. Its easy to turn off a frozen phone by holding the power button until it shuts off - no need to pull the battery. Getting a meenova has provided me the option of using an sdcard... currently have a 32GB and 64GB - both work fine in recovery and booted to system. There's a good bit of dev support over on xda (for the VZW version at least, I don't watch the others)... Have you looked at what support the s4 has? I haven't yet, but that would be the big deciding factor for me...
  5. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Android Expert

    Moved on the G2. For some unknown reason i have a thing for LG, lol. Wasn't impressed by the wife's SG3 and a i remember IMU saying the S4 was locked down pretty tight. Other than that I liked the screen size and qaulity. The Snapdragon 800, and the rear buttons( im a huge fan of those and the knock on/off feature). Like Reese said the meenova allows you to use your SD card ( although i haven't bought one). Also the G2 has built in wireless storage. One down side to internal storage is the stock based roms for the G2 are HUGE so you cant keep them all stored in the phone or you'll run out room quick.
  6. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Android Expert

    andy, there is no reason to even consider the s4. it's so bad man, and samsung really locks their phones down hardcore now. While I had my s4 there was over 3grand up for anyone who could get recovery on it, and up until I sold it no one had figured it out yet.

    development is really really good for the g2 as well. We already have 4.4.2 roms that run very smooth and stable. There must be about six or eight 4.4.2 roms already. And of course a bunch of 4.2.2 and 4.3.1 as well. Plus tons of mods and xposed works great and we have a couple kernels.
  7. admn81

    admn81 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey so I joined ya and got the g2 last week..the battery life is crazy good and the development seems very good as well. Honestly stock isnt bad at all, and I think I may stay on it til the 4.4 update. But ya the amount of mods and other development is way nice(Not to say that work done here wasnt good or anything)
  8. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Android Expert

    Nice! Glad you made the right choice. You are right that stock isnt bad but I havent touched it since we had cm10.2 a couple weeks after the phone came out. I'm currently running beanstalk, but was on OSE for a while. I lost count but I reckon we have over ten 4.4.2 roms now and more on the way. I'm looking forward to carbon because of all roms i've ever ran I think that might be my fav so far.

    You would have regretted going with a samsung device since they seem to really be locking them down hardcore now. And from reading some peoples comments about the note3 it seems they are locking them down even more hard core with each new handset release.

    I like you miss the removable back and sd card but honestly neither have been an issue for me yet. I do hate having to sit and hold the power button forever it seems to get it to reboot because for me just popping the battery out is so much easier and faster. I doubt you'll have to worry about ever replacing the battery though because the battery tech in this phone is pretty good and LG has been working on batteries that can take many many recharges.

    Anyway, good to hear from you again. Take care
  9. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Android Expert

    I need to get some time to check into it a little, but my battery has started draining like crazy since i moved to 12b the newest ota. I'm hoping is just from reverted settings and not a sign of the life of the battery.
  10. reeseboy

    reeseboy Android Enthusiast

    Something's eating your battery for sure. I've been on 12b for at least a week with great battery life.
  11. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    I moved on to the LG G2... simply - the G2 is a great device.

    no need to be using that power button all the time if you stay stock. i plan to stay stock at least to see what kitkat is all about (if we get it). maybe you guys just get bored and periodically need to change stuff up for the challenge / risk / reward.

    right now, I have no complaints regarding the device (with the possible exception of the stock keyboard which I can replace, the IR blaster seems to have a rather narrow beam angle (or maybe intensity level), and I can't hide the Menu buttons without rooting). small stuff.

    not so worried about the built-in battery after viewing the YouTube video on removing the back of the device. if we get to the point the battery longevity is an issue and needs to be replaced, I think I can handle that operation.
  12. jlove1974

    jlove1974 Newbie

    I'm contemplating never moving on to any device with Verizon Wireless ever again, after 15 years. I learned when my renewal came up that they are thieves and liars. No incentive for me as a longtime loyal customer. The unwaiveable mandatory $30 upgrade fee, and then they force you to change contracts (I have unlimited data) or pay full retail. My next phone will be an unlocked GSM phone with a T-mobile sim card with the $30 unlimited data and text plan. No more big red for me.
  13. jfatica

    jfatica Newbie

    Switched to T-mobile and picked up a G2.

    Best battery life I have ever had on a smart phone. 30 hours on one charge with moderate to heavy use.

    Stock OS is great and not too bloated. T-mobile has far less bloatware installed than Verizon.
  14. Yoinx

    Yoinx Android Expert

    Same. Sadly, I think I'm going to be moving on.

    I'll likely be going with the G2. It seems to be REALLY impressive.
  15. reeseboy

    reeseboy Android Enthusiast

    Come to the dark side - we have cookies :)
  16. bones420la

    bones420la Android Enthusiast

    Finally away from Verizon. Shiny white 32GB LG G2. Still stock. But I'm in love with this phone
  17. bones420la

    bones420la Android Enthusiast


    Never seen this life with a vs920
  18. jlove1974

    jlove1974 Newbie

    For those of you who moved away from the Spec, do you miss anything about it? I am 2 months away from being out of contract, with unlimited VZW data. Just moved my 15 year old daughter to T-mobile's $30 unlimited data and text 100 min for $30 plan on a HSPA+ Samsung GSIII and she seems to love it and gets good speed at school approaching 15Mbps+ DL speeds. (Unlimited 4g data up to 5GB)

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the support for the LG hardware by our developers, and since CM11 has been released it really has delayed any big moves.

    The only thing I really envy is a larger edge to edge screen like the GSIII and S4 have, but it's not a deal killer. I do not like the non-removable batteries trend.

    I am not impressed by the G2, or even the Nexus 5 enough to re-up with VZW and lose my unlimited data. The HTC One X+ looks promising but it would have to be dirt cheap for me to outright purchase two new phones.
  19. reeseboy

    reeseboy Android Enthusiast

    I personally miss nothing at all from the spec. I'd say if you don't want to reup with vzw, get a g2 on t-mo. It really is a great phone!
  20. jeresh

    jeresh Newbie

    Have the vzw g2 coming tomorrow. Ran the spectrum unrooted for the last several months (since one of the more recent software updates -- I found that I didn't really do anything while rooted, other than freeze some bloat . . . and after testing after one the updates, freezing that stuff didn't seem to do anything significant to the battery life.

    But I digress . . . hoping that the quad processor and the battery life I see promoted (and for the most part attested to here) for the G2 is what I need for the next two years.

    Thanks for all the notes here and for the support this forum has provided on my Spectrum . . . (I'll be joining many of you on the G2 forum shortly.) :)
  21. bones420la

    bones420la Android Enthusiast

    Battery life is decent for me on att. I managed to kill it completely in 7 hours playing dead trigger and constantly downloading apps and music.
    Normal life for me is 9-12hours. Double-triple what my spectrum got me.

    First day I had about 250 apps on it. Jumping from one to the next with no skips. No lags. Occasionally an app would fc. But I'm sure it was an app issue.

    Ir blaster is amazing.

    Holding it side by side with the spectrum. I really can't believe I used that pos for 2 years... with a extended battery(still only 6-the life)

    Lg really stepped it up with the g2. Just sucks that att development is slow

    Plus how could you stand stock on the spectrum for so long?? I've recently put mine on broken out for a throwback feel. But when I had service cm11 was the only rom keeping me from throwing it out the window
  22. bones420la

    bones420la Android Enthusiast

    Forgot to add. If you plug it in at 20% or less and walk away. In about 2 hours it's Damn near full
  23. mwb1957

    mwb1957 Lurker

    I have moved on to the Note 3.
    It is a great phone.
    I'm expecting much better from Samsung regarding the OS upgrades.
  24. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Android Expert

    almost 7 months later still loving the G2, and still running the stock rom. Battery life has leveled off finally and the consistent 6-80 hours gaps are gone. Still going @ 48 hours with @3 hours of screen on time. I'm thinking Simpsons Tapped Out is the biggest offender. All in all, no buyers remorse here.
  25. admn81

    admn81 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    what up hollywoods!...miss u and imu. I totally agree. the g2 and spec is no comparison. VZW development has pretty much everything u can want., just waiting for official 4.4 update...honestly im not even rooted right now as stock is just fine for me..i couldnt imagine running stock on the spec...hope all is well with u

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