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What did you get for xmas???

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by CRPercodani, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA
    Thread Starter

    Merry xmas to everyone, I hope yours was as good as mine. So lets all list what we got/gave.

    I got 2 walmart gift cards ($50 and $20), a apple keyboard (this is what sex looks like), some socks, ed hardy cologne, old spice deodorant/cologne/body wash gift box, more socks (I needed them), a scratch ticket (won $30 bucks woohoo), a 100 dolla bill, a rechargeable microsoft laser mouse 7000 with base station, 3 new pairs of shoes (nike, bapes, and ice cream).....I think that's it....oh and a new snorkel parka.

    I gave so much crap....I got my 3 year old son about 30 different toys, some big handy manny work bench, a leapfrog djdj, a few hot wheels tracks and a ton of cars, a rc helicopter, some dvd's (thomas the train, tom and jerry, ben 10, bakugan, some others i forgot) ummm lets see what else, got my uncle a 8" digital picture frame/lcd tv, got my grampa a 22" hp lcd computer monitor, got my mom some lamps she wanted and a big ass mirror (I hate pier 1 with a passion, they raped my wallet), got my fiance a ds lite with guitar hero, hannah montana (dont ask), and mega man plus some accessories.

    I think thats about it.

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  2. stinky

    stinky Android Enthusiast

    I gave my 2 year old son a good Christmas considering I havent had a job in a few months. I love having a Christmas Club account. We were very fortunate to have any money at all this year as times have been tough. We got him new Hot wheels, trains for his train table, baseball stuff, a play house for the back yard.

    I got my wife a new digital camera, new purse, perfume, wallet, camera accessories, and some scrap booking stuff. Not bad considering the $200 budget we had for each other.

    I got MW2 for PC, and a new Power supply. Also got enough money from the family to fund a new Phenom II Processor and Mobo. Also got a few other misc things, printer, socks, mini RC car, rechargeable batteries, sweaters, shirts, misc goodies.

    I hope all had a Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday to Jesus.
  3. clitrenta

    clitrenta Android Enthusiast

    I got some of the usual but I did take a GIANT leap of faith and got my hubby an Android Phone (MyTouch). It wasn't entirely planned but it worked out pretty well. I had serious doubts about his big ol' fingers on a touch screen keyboard but oddly enough, he is managing just fine with it. He even says the phone is easier to operate! I would imagine because it's much more 'visual' and therefor easier for a "non-techie' to figure things out. The rest, I show him as we go along. Not a particularly fast learner but he's making progress :) He seems quite happy with it, especially since now it's much easier for him to check the times of movies that are playing (big movie buff) and even watch trailers on a nice large screen.

    My daughter is using a T-Mobile Dash, mostly by necessity. Touchscreen anything just won't work for her. She's a texting machine (maniac?). No touchscreen can keep up with her and no battery can outlast her :D but the non-touchscreen phones w/keyboards are pretty much a necessity. I got her an iTouch for all her other entertainment. We have WiFi at home so she's pretty happy with the current arrangements.

    I did get my hubby a Star Wars lego kit which my daughter promptly scarfed up and built in approx 5 hours. Darn girl but I'm glad someone had fun. I'm hoping to start a family hobby together (Lego).
  4. ericholly

    ericholly Lurker

    Merry Christmas all on that day, i received the bath and body from dd, shirt and jeans from my mom, susan boyle CD, lots of chocolate.
  5. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    A pretty nice deck for my car to replace the crappy JVC that some previous owner put in it. Bluetooth, USB and Aux so it plays with my Droid well :) Loving using the phone as my music player in the car. I'll never need to make another CD again.
  6. sensesfail99

    sensesfail99 Android Enthusiast

    I got a mytouch :) (switched from storm 1), 32 gb hd zune, 32 gb ipod touch, 2 pairs of shoes and some Armani mania cologne and a sick custom belt that my wife and friend had to make. Its black leather, with black and pink pyramid studs. Hot topic only sells a white leather belt with the black and pink studs.... so they had to buy 2 and switch each stud by themselves :). I feel loved :)
  7. pyehac

    pyehac Newbie

    I got myself my MyTouch from T-mobile, and gave them 2 years for unlimited internet.

    I also got 2 shirts that were one size large - and with no gift receipt; and I'm sure its a joke because I got a box of chocolate candy from someone who knows I'm diabetic. Luckily my family ate it all to stop me from being tempted.
  8. sensesfail99

    sensesfail99 Android Enthusiast

    Now thats what i call takin it for the team! Go team family lol. Im a vegetarian and my family always try to invite me over for steak dinner :thinking:
  9. splenditello

    splenditello Newbie

    i got a new set of microphones for recording music. i'm stoked!
  10. bottlecap

    bottlecap Well-Known Member

    an HTC Eris :) the Developer Registration Fee for developing and putting apps on the Marketplace. 4LBS pounds of coffee, (should last me a month), a $100 gift card to Adorama, and a 24" Dell Monitor, and a humidor Not a bad haul if I say so myself.

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