What did you guys think of the 24 finale? *spoilers inside*



I honestly thought Jack was going to assassinate President Zubarov and go down in a blaze of glory and justice :p

At least President Taylor snapped out of it and came clean although I think it's BS that the government is still after Jack and he has to run away. There has to be a 24 movie, it can't end like this. Jack vs. Russia and the USA :cool:


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I totes wanted Jack to kill Suvarov but that's just not how it went down. I loved it personally. Jack Bauer is possibly the best TV show character to ever grace our televisions.

FYI, they are definitely making a 24 movie. The title might not be 24 though, I could see them milking it out a bit.


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Agree with Stroths.

I didn't like the ending, there is NO possible way ANYONE get's away with that (regardless of what he has done for the county).

The ONLY reason to keep him alive is for potential movies, more/new series, etc....

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Pretty much agree, lame ending to keep the door open to movies.

It's just silly, there's nothing more they could do with it. They should have just killed him off.