Dec 15, 2009
I am new to the moment and to the forum. When I get an email, there are 2 different symbols that show up in the top bar. One is the @ sign. and the other is an envelope. They both show my gmail, but with 2 different views. One is new emails, the other is new conversations. Does anyone know anything about why these both show up?
Thanks for any help,
My guess is that you set up email in the Android stock Email app. See, when, for the first time, you log into your Google account, your phone automatically uses that account to pull your Gmail from. In other words, the Gmail app is automatically set up with your Gmail account! So when you create the same Gmail account into the other email app (which is meant to be used for your other email accounts, not the main Google account you are using with your Android phone), you basically have two different applications - Gmail and the stock email app - pulling the same emails. The best way to stop it is to delete your Gmail account from the stock Email app and just use the Gmail app.
............aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd................ready for this..................... It is covered in good detail in the owner's manual!!!!!:D
The question was answered, a thank you was given. Did you really need to post a sarcastic statement, and act like a jerk??? really??
Eh the manuals are all written for the general cud chewing cattle moronic user, there really isn't much in ANY manual that you shouldn't be able to figure out your self or a quick questione here to save yourself some time flipping through pages on how to use the dialer, or how to personalize your voice mail
The ignorant question was answered, a thank you was given. Did you really need to post a sarcastic statement, and act like a jerk??? really??

Yeah, I was just having a little fun....notice the smiley. Sorry bout that....really!

Check out Ben!!! He has chosen to be informed and even did a little leg work on your behalf.

@Evil: And, yes, I do read the manual. Some of us are wired differently. I come from a technical background. I get a little bit ghey about my stuff so I enjoy learning about it. And ultimately, I was just making a point(That Ben has proven) that this question was so basic the answer should not be hard to find if the OP had put in just teenie bit of effort.
Seriously? Are we really going to do this? Are we really going to argue about what reading the manual would or would not do? Here? Come on.

First of all, is there a requirement or something that before posting a question here, one must first look in the manual for an answer? If there is such a requirement, I would like to be pointed to it.

Second, I don't read manuals either. I bet you that the a majority of consumers of any given consumer-oriented product does not read manuals. I like playing around with a device to learn about it hands on.
yfan, my point again was NOT about reading the manual. It is common courtesy(and it is rules in some forums) that you put forth a little friggin' effort before you ask a very basic question. It would be like me going onto a car forum of a car I just bought and asking what that amber "Check Engine" light is for. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some cud to chew.;)
Thank you all for your help.
As for you Flyman... If you don't want to take the time to answer someones question, don't read it!!! What the hell are you doing here on the forum in the first place? Isn't this where we can come and get help and talk about the phone? I did a quick search, could not find the answer, so came here to ask. This looked like a place that was friendly and would help, and it is except for a few assholes that like to cause trouble like yourself. I do not have time to sit and read the manual cover to cover, or to argue any further with the likes of you! Now if I add a smiley like this :D you should assume this was all in fun, right?
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I DID look at the manual 1st, but mine has no page with ANYTHING other than the notification bar exists and how to open it. Thanks to benholtz at least I know that my SD card is having some sort of issue that has locked me out. It keeps rebooting and saying it's preparing the SD card then repeat..
Like most products these days, the moment only comes with a quick start guide with very basic info. You can download the full manual from the sprint or samsung website.
ya i thanked carrid for that one.i will help anyone no matter how "dumb or how many times the question has already been answered"the reason for these forums is for people to get help with things that they don't if i catch anyone flaming like you flyjbaker you better make sure you don't do the samething cause if i do catch it i will drop a bomb and make you feel the same way you just did to her.
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