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What do to about a Meep "times up" error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MeepTablet, Aug 3, 2013.

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    If you are receiving a message on your Meep of 'Times Up!', please try the following steps:
    1. Register your Meep. Many of the capabilities of the Meep require the parent account to exist which puts the Meep into our system.
    2. Adjust your parental settings to allow for times of use. You must set a time limit for every type of allowed activity and then save those settings. If you did set up permissions and you have the Times Up message, check that your settings are the way you set them and haven't been changed.
    3. Update your Meep to our latest firmware version. Earlier versions are linked to this issue.

    If you still have a Times Up:
    1. It could be an issue within your browser in that it's retaining old settings and not updating them. Try clearing the browser cache and/or disabling extensions within your browser.
    2. It could be your Meep is not connecting at this time to our servers thus not being able to receive the updated settings. Check that you show a green dot which means you are connecting to us.
    3. Another option that does not involve the servers at all is that you can update the settings right from the Meep's own parental interface assuming you are on version 2.1. Within the parental interface on the Meep, you can reset the timer for the Meep with the reset button, the small circular icon in the upper right hand corner of the time management screen. Once reset, you can adjust the settings as you wish.

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    Thank you, MT. I've switched the prefix from "Support," which is for members who need a question answered for them, to "Tips," which is for members who are offering a tip or tips to the community (which is what you are doing :)).

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