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What do u like about ur Ascend ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by starr1048, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. starr1048

    starr1048 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    What do u like about ur Huawai Ascend ?

    What made u choose this phone ?

    Since its my frist andriod phone
    I dont know .... before I was using the samsung Finess , I Love that Phone
    spend so much money on metro shop app , I miss my Final Fantasy game on that phone LoL

    Let Starting with Metro PCS - with 3 Andriod Phones

    Samsung Galaxy Indulge -$ 400 Cost way too much , thats it !!! everything else I wanted is with that phone LoL

    LG Optimus M - no comment $ 149 ( dont like the look and the feel )

    Huawai Ascend $ 99.00 - like the 9 ways interface home page
    downside 2.1 , without flasher , dislike the tracking ball , remind me of the old style blackberry , like the top cover to the headphone jack and usb changer at frist
    but became pain in the bxtt when i have to open it every nite to change my phone , if u got nail its oki lol
    but over all i like the look , apps and the price LoL

    Cricket Wireless ,
    Huawei Ascend is the Only Andriod Phone ?
    plan cost 5 dollar more then Metro
    Phone cost more too ?
    so I guess Cricket wireless user dont really have much choose ?
    to pick an andriod phone :(


  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    The screen size and ease of modding are my top reasons. I have bad eyes and can actually read the phone without my specs.
    Being my first android, or smartphone at all, i really wanred a cheap, easy to mod phone after playing with my fiance's iphone.
    I have been super happy with it. Great price considering what you get for $202 after first month and taxes. I even sold my ipod because i didn't need it after the first day, my old palm pilot too.
  3. la sal

    la sal Android Expert

    Cost of phone, Cricket doesn't make you sign a two year contract, screen size, cheap Android plan, etc.
  4. comablack783

    comablack783 Lurker

    +++its better then the samsung instinct (s30) that I had hacked onto metro (EPIC FAIL)
    +I bought my ascend in dec for $99 so it was CHEAP..
    +I like that I can get some games, like the chess game and squibbles..
    +fast when on wifi.
    +big screen
    + android

    -its not an Iphone3/4, or an evo... if you use either of these phones and try to goto your ascend you will quickly realize why this is a huge con and how slow this phone really is...
    -wheres OS update!! 2.2!?
    -audio output is VERY LOW. 2.5 stereo out put fails.
    - music skips when playing??
    -camera is garbage, performs poorly even in well lit rooms? wtf
    -Metro is 1x, not 3g, 1x...a smart phone on 1x is fail.
    -navigation fails to launch at times or has problems loading gps..
  5. Cricket Ryan

    Cricket Ryan Lurker

    Hi Starr,

    My name is Ryan and I work on behalf of Cricket. Not only does Cricket offer the Ascend by Huawei, but the Sanyo Zio from Kyocera as well. cricket android | huawei ascend | Cricket Wireless

    With Cricket's $55/month true rate Android plan, you get UNLIMITED Nationwide talk, text, web, email and much more. Nationwide Talk & Text Coverage allows you use your phone without roaming costs in all 50 states (including the top 125 cities nationwide) and Puerto Rico.

    Currently the Ascend retails for $139.99 with online discount at Cell Phone Plans | Cell Phones | Mobile Broadband | Cricket Wireless and the Zio will be returning to our online store for purchase following the upcoming update to android 2.2! Stay tuned.

    Ryan on behalf of Cricket
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  6. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    Hi Ryan! Thanks for gracing our Forum here with your appearance! I've been readiing your posts on the Cricket Wireless Facebook page. That's almost like being thrown into the lion's den there. I've never seen so many rabid users. LOL

    But you do handle it very well! :)

    I haven't gotten involved in the fray but there is one poster there who I wouldn't mind reaching through the screen and slapping. Aaron G***ch. LOL I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. What a rude dude!!!

    I'm surprised you don't just removed him from the page, if you can. What a downer!

    Anyway...nice that Cricket is finally getting the 2.2 upgrade for the Zio. Now...what do you know about the Ascend 2.2 upgrade?


    De ja vous all over again?


    Hopefully you will visit us again soon with some exciting information about the Ascend!

  7. la sal

    la sal Android Expert

    You should stop by the Cricket forum here.
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  8. Anduiril

    Anduiril Android Enthusiast

    Ryan, is Cricket planning on coming to central Florida anytime soon? Metro doesn't have 3G. :( :( :( The only thing I don't like, and that's the carrier not the phone. I do love the trackball for the times it comes really handy.
  9. starr1048

    starr1048 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    > Ryan , but is Zio an Andriod Phone ?
    maybe i miss something but looking at the Zio
    i dont see any thing about Andriod ????
    what i was saying was Cricket user ATM
    only have 1 Andriod Phone to choose From ?
    and is Cricket turely 3G ? vs Metro ?
    BTW , had anyone ever compare a Cricket Huawei Ascend vs Metro Acsend
  10. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    starr...Zio is an Android Phone that was released on Cricket before the Ascend was. It's one of the only TWO smart phones that Cricket has to offer presently.

    Zio was introduced with the 1.6 (Cupcake) Android OS. Also, the retail price (on Cricket at least) was around $249, with the Ascend retailing at $149 and having Eclair (2.1) OS.

    The Ascend became the more popular choice even though no one knew much about Huawei at the time simply because it came with 2.1.

    Because Kyocera was a more familiar name to handset users, it's highly possible that the Zio would have outsold the Ascend in the beginning if it had also come out with 2.1.

    But frankly, and this is a lot of speculation here, I think the Ascend is just a better device. Mainly it is better because it's manufactured by Huawei who is the #2 telecom manufacturer in the WORLD and has been making handsets (under their own brand name) for years for other carriers/manufacturers. Huawei is very advanced technologically, far exceeding Kyocera who concentrates in solar cells and printers under the name Copystar.

    This may be too much info for you but the bottom line from my perspective and research is this:

    Even with the 2.2 update (when it's officially out any day now for the Zio) the Ascend will be the better phone. It is simply MADE better! As for the specs, they are very nearly identical.

    If both phones were available right now with 2.2 Froyo on them out of the box, I would choose the Ascend. Hands down!

    I'm not Ryan...:p But I hope I answered your questions anyway.


  11. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    Pure rubber and we used to throw it at stuff. It never broke. Though I guess that's not really "Using the phone" is it? (Laughs) I'd get the Ascend too. Ascend with 2.2..Hoping that's not too far away..
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  12. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Just came back from the cricket forum. I think I heard actual crickets chirping over there! Lol
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  13. ventovic

    ventovic Member

    Now that's funny, I don't care who you are that's funny :D
  14. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    Chinese restaurant and heard a cat meowing inside. Didn't know whether to laugh or try to put on a superwoman costume and save it.
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  15. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    LOL G! But they are angry crickets!!! They want their 2.2 zio update and they want it NOW!


  16. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    Here chirping about a 2.2 update for Ascend too. I think some of those cricketeers are influencing us Metro Pc'ers. We want our 2.2 too! ASCENDING on you HUAWEI. Give us an update!
  17. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    We would probably have more luck if we all storm Huawei Devices Community! LOL Have you looked at the mob on Cricket's fanpage? LMAO It's a RIOT! Literally! hahahaha
  18. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    I am going to ask the same question you did on their site. All you have to do is sign up on their site right?
  19. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    Yes! Nothing to it. Maybe if you reply under mine too it will give added credibility that we really WANT our UPDATE!! The more we can get to do that would probably help! (hahahaha...like I really believe it!)

    Can you believe how HUGE Huawei is?
  20. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    Tried to create an account on both google chrome and Internet explorer. It says I'm logged in, Then when I go to the forum part. It just shows "forum-guest". They are super trolling me aren't they? Right now laughing... "She think she can post on our forum, She think again!" X.x *Rages* HUAWEI! Send me a welcome then not let me in...
  21. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    There's a little secret I found. Open one window to the Huawei Devices Community and don't log in. Then open a new one and log in. Go back and refresh the first one and you should show up. :)
  22. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    I am in. I posted. I even put it in simplified chinese too. (Yes I even did the copy and paste it back into a translator to make sure I wasn't telling them their phone tasted like donuts) LOL. They can't ignore me! Rawr! UH OH. I was supposed to put it under YOURS! >.< I'm Sorry!
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  23. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    ROFLMAO!!!! You posted in Chinese!!! How funny! Why didn't I think of that!

    They will probably give you the Chinese version now! :D


    (I can't get the visual of the meowing kitty out of my mind! :p)
  24. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    The good thing is that the Chinese version of this phone isn't called a M860, It's the M8600. They've also already sent out the Chinese update for their phone. So I'm pretty sure they know exactly what I'm asking for. If not I'll be sure to specify... Errr Meow. ^.^
  25. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert

    Yeah we have the Chinese update around here somewhere and when you flash it everything comes up Chinese! LOL

    We had a few bricked phones from it but that's the update the bootleg rom is spawn from. :)



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