What do you carry for self-defense?


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depends where i am going...with a my CHL...if i am running around town...I carry a SIG P238 it is a .380 . If i am heading out to the country, ill open carry a SIG P220 .45


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The only guns that can be licensed in the UK are sport rifles and in some cases, shotguns. Handguns were banned after the Dunblane school massacre, where a complete nutcase went into a primary school and killed a lot of small children.

Ooops, sorry, your comment was not addressed to me. But hey, FYI..

Just like Boston! Are you from Boston? J/K.

Rifles and shotguns are legal here too but unless you take them apart you can't carry them incuspicuosly. I'd rather have "open carry" like Florida. You don't hear about Florida for gun violence anymore. They have open carry laws.


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I'll bet you didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!

I don't carry any type of weapon for the simple reason that I'd probably end up using it, and I don't think I'd be happy with myself afterwards. You can't undo that.

I look at it this way ... when I'm standing in front of St. Peter, would I rather tell him that I was hurt in life, or that I hurt someone else? Pain heals, consciences don't.


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Other than my Grandmothers backyard @Tony Mandujano I've been camping twice in my life. A week at Boy Scout camp on the Great Blue Hill in Greater Bpston and a month at Camp Bullis Texas; Airbase Ground Defense Training Camp while I was a Law Enforcement officer in the USAF.

Other than Security Police traning at Lackland Air Force Base also in Texas those were the only times I handled a firearm as a self defense weapon. Knives are just tools to me.
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Nothing? Improvised weapons? Anything?

I carry a good sense of my surrounding for one and 2ndly depending on the terrain that I'm going to be on with the type of shoes I would be wearing for quick movement if need be. Also keep on hand a 30 round extended clip for my glock 22. I'm glad you ask this question because when I come from out of my Subterranean dwellings, There's always a fear of encountering a idiot with a AR-15 that Wake's up in the morning and decide that he wants to kill himself and wants to take a few people with him.
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Not sure if youre being serious or not, i always have a knife when i go camping, other than that, not really anything aha

Depends what knife, and where you are with it. For instance this probably wouldn't be a problem:


Whereas this might get you in trouble:


If you had a genuine reason for carrying such a knife then you might be ok.

And having said all that, the most common offensive weapon used to commit violent crime in the UK is now a knife.


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That I know. Anything over 6 inches blade + handle better be used for cooking. No way using something longer than that is designed for self defense.

That's some "Crocodile Dundee" schist.