What do you use your touchpad for?


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So, most of us (if not all) have picked up cheap Touchpads in the fire sale. I was just wondering how we all plan to use them?
I'm starting a new course this week, should be fairly heavy going, and so I plan to use my TP a lot to help with that since my laptop broke. I'll probably record audio from lectures, use the ebook copy of my textbook on it, and take notes by hand, which I'll start typing up on the train ride home each night. Dropbox means I can sync the files between the TP and my desktop pc, and still look back at the completed notes from previous weeks as well if I need to.

Has anyone found a way to easily sync photos to the TP? Can't view photos from box or dropbox, or even from google. Would be nice to take photos of the blackboard on my phone and have it sync across.

So what do you all use your Touchpads for? Business, pleasure, or just messing about on since it was cheap? And has anyone found a new use that we might not have heard of?


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Mostly just messing. :D

Sounds like you might get your money's worth the first day.

There's a free Picasa app that's a little slow and awkward since there's no back button. If you have an account you can view your pics, o/w the default ones are nice too. I saw no way to save those pics tho.


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The internal Dropbox integration doesn't seem to work for me unless I'm online. There doesn't seen to be any offline integration with Dropbox, or Google docs. If I'm online, it's beautiful, but the lack of offline integration makes the thing useless for work purposes.

I've been using mine as a content consumption device when I'm on the treadmill. I can read books, comic books, Time magazine, etc.... It's too big and clunky for me to haul around town I think.


I got the touchpad for the sole purpose tinkering with it. Until android comes along I use it for browsing and email.


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I've been using mine as a content consumption device when I'm on the treadmill.

I was thinking about that too. I realize I only need a little ledge on the bottom of the main panel to hold it up there. I doubt it'll work tho. I need something riveting like a good plot with lots of action to keep my interest on the treadmill, since I'm usually there for 1-1/2 to 2 hours at a time with a fan blowing on me. The 10:00 news doesn't cut it and a book... not even close. I'm not a reader.

I got the touchpad for the sole purpose tinkering with it.

EXACTLY my use. :D


For a hundred bucks how could anyone pass on it? I just really needed something as my phone has become boring. I grew weary of flashing roms and setting up homescreens, wallpapers etc. At least if I brick this its not a crisis. More of an inconvenience of sorts.

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I use it for casual web browsing and some game playing. I spend about an hour and a half commuting and it really comes in handy there. I carry this thing pretty much any where I go (keep it in the car) and use it a lot when I go to my parents or friends house. Its definitely getting its use. Confirms the fact that a tablet is handy for me and would purchase another one.


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Mine is being delivered tomorrow. CDW emailed me last week for a second chance at the $99 price. :D I'll use it mainly for web browsing and I'll check out what games and apps are available. The first thing I'll do though is overclock it.