Root What does a bricked phone......


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...........actually appear as? Just curious, I see all these posts about bricking but not sure what one would look like. Are you stuck on one screen, or does it just loop. Thanks.


Dr. Feelgood
It's usually one of the two posts above me. It depends on how the device was bricked.

As long as you can get to recovery you aren't bricked


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Well certainly that as well. basically a bricked phone is one that becomes almost as useful as a brick.. Thus the name. So it could be one of numerous possibilities.

Ken C

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I've heard around that it may give you a series of beeps.. 5 I think the number was.
But this brick was caused by mis-flashed radios.

Poor girl was crushed. :(


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yeah took me a few days to figure it out. at least i had another phone at the time. just wish i ran into taco root earlier. would have been cool to try it out.