Root What does cynogen mod do???


Hi, I just rooted my droid and I was wondering what the cynogen mod that everyone speaks so highly of does. Also, can someone give me links to some roms I should know about? Thanks:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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Cyanogen mod is the custom ROM. Cyanogen is probably the most well known ROM dev, and his team bring out good ROMs for a lot of different phones.

A large number of other people's ROMs for your phone may just tweaked/improved versions of the cyanogen ROM.

As for which ROMs are best, you need ask other droid users in the All Things Root subsection of the Mototola Droid section. :)


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Cyanogen is a community modified version of AOSP (Android Open Source Project)
It has some great modifications and an excellent tweaking system
CM7 also has the T-Mobile theming engine, allowing (finally) themes that can be installed and uninstalled!