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What does everyone think about there J7?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Toxic_Burrito, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Toxic_Burrito

    Toxic_Burrito Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After owning the phone for a few months I'm extremely happy. Apart from the GPS I really do not have any complaints about the phone. Looking back if I could purchase another phone I would have loved to try a Xiaomi note 3.

    How does everyone else feel about there J7?

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  2. Sunder Singh

    Sunder Singh Lurker

    I am currently using Galaxy J7 & I would like to say that it is the best phone under its price range. Galaxy J7 comes with Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with screen size 5.5 inches. It has Removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery which is capable of providing power for talk time Up to 18 h (3G) & Music play Up to 76 h.
  3. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    Im thinking of switching to this phone from lg volt

    Is there an issue with gps?
  4. skykid2

    skykid2 Newbie

    I just Put It "in service" just 2 days ago used the GPS 8 hours yesterday. Full time "Ride-Share" driver. no issues. The Issues = the Crazy amount of bloat ware, no split screen!! And as of yet no way to Root.
  5. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    I thought there where posts on rooting...maybe still not quite perfected
    I wish phone was larger...Have lg volt...really want a large screen phone but all others Boost carries are garbage specs vs J7
  6. aml1025

    aml1025 Android Enthusiast

    The J7 has a 5.5" screen. That's a pretty big phone by my standards, and definitely quite a bit bigger than the Volt.
  7. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    I know ur right....I suppose just have a thing to get large phone....as far as I know the 2 biggest phones from boost (reasonably priced) r lg stylo and zte boost max with 5.7 screens only marginally bigger but phone sizes are bigger.
    I believe j7 may have better specs and processor
    but boost mobile web site is conflicting says j7 16gb ram/2gb rom while the other phones show reverse 2 ram 16 rom ???
  8. aml1025

    aml1025 Android Enthusiast

    It must be a typo. The phone has 2 GB RAM/ 16 GB ROM. It wouldn't make any sense for those numbers to be reversed.
  9. android6987

    android6987 Member

    I'm not getting any reply in the other forums... i need help from so.eone who is more experienced with samsung than I haha I and attempting to root my j7 but its running 6.0.1 ok so I hook up to Odin put my phone in Odin and attempt to push the twrp file over then it fails and says binary size is too large : recovery.

    After all of that now when I put my phone into Odin mode it says the binary is custom and system status is custom but no twrp... anyone have a work around?
  10. rritter

    rritter Well-Known Member

    I have read that some report the camera could be better, reported as being somewhat fuzzy. Can you report on this? Also how is the external speaker volume? I’ve been spoiled with the volume of the ZTE Warp Sync.

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  11. storageman

    storageman Member

    So Far really Good. Got the j7 on Thursday last week. Got it charged up, activated it on Friday. Spent most of Friday afternoon downloading apps etc. At the end of the day with very heavy use, it still had 50% battery left. Impressed. Finally Saturday afternoon, the battery got down to about 18%. Charged it up and was finishing up installing apps this am and it now has 85% left. Totally impressed. I'm coming from a GIII, which in my mind struggled to make 12 hours at idle even with a new battery. I think the best help has been with ANDROID 6.0. Looks like it really manages the apps better than 4.4.

    As far as the camera goes, not impressed. But if you want a good camera, buy a good camera ! These phones are great personal assistants and great communication tools. The wireless connections are much better than the GIII. I have a 50mbs connection and it hits it every time. Haven't tested the 4g side yet.

    I'll follow up in a week or 2 with some further insite.

    UPDATE - Its now been another 2 weeks - really impressed by the battery life ! So here is an example - I'm not a heavy user, but I charged this phone up on Sat afternoon. Note that I do Turn it off at night, but its now Tuesday, I've take a bunch of calls, several Messages and checked my email at least 10 times a day and took action on those emails + I have several apps that I use thru the day "stock market checker", "Drudge", "local new sites", etc and right now I'm at 39% battery. 3 days of medium usage - I love this phone, other than trying to find where Android 6.0 hide all of the settings.

    Really Happy with the service and the device !
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  12. d3jake

    d3jake Lurker

    Does anyone run their J7 on Boost? I'm trying to learn how much space Android + boost's crapware will fill the internal memory?
  13. Archon202

    Archon202 Newbie

    I don't like it. I bought mine several months ago through Metro crap services. It was okay at first, but recently when I unlock the phone it automatically opens the phone dialer or some other app and is becoming annoying. As well as some apps do not work correctly and am not sure if it is the crapware installed by Metro PCS. I don't understand in this day and age, why these idiot providers are still allowed to put their crap on a phone that people purchase. I don't need it, nor want it on my phone, with the inability to un-install it. I used to have an iPhone through AT&T and it had no bloatware. The only place you would see their name was under carrier. It may just be the carrier, but I think this phone is garbage.
  14. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Because the providers make $$$ by doing it, like their value added service, third-party partners, etc. The way to avoid it is to buy the non-carrier unlocked versions, but you'll be paying the full unsubsidized prices for them of course. .

    Because the iPhone is "sacrosanct", and Apple insists on no carrier bloatware. Carriers want to supply it and will accept Apple's conditions. It's not just yet another whatever Android phone.

    There's often more than 40 different variants of any particular Samsung device, mainly because of all the carrier customizations and requirements they have
    , like there's 42 versions of the Galaxy S5. For the iPhone there's only about 4-5 variants of each one around the world. I believe there's only an Americas version, a Europe version, an Asia version, a China version, and that's it, unlike Samsung Galaxy devices.
    #14 mikedt, Jun 6, 2017
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  15. Xavier Black

    Xavier Black Android Expert

    My honest opinion on it..it's wonderful!!!, my gf just gave a brand new one out of the box bought on the T-Mobile store to my mom..the camera is flawless and crystal crispy..it is fast..and like the guys mentioned above, the battery is insuperable..is got 3600ahm..i don't even know why is so unexpensive..she paid about $240 compared to the one she uses that is a Galaxy Note5..and the 2 phones look almost identically even by size and operating system and everything else..since she paid for that Note about $850..in regards to the gps which I believe is where your hesitations stand..I don't think the problem is the phone..it's the service provider..
    So you have a damn good phone right there. the only con there's not root available at this time..I tried to root it's ass last Friday ALL night long..nothing came back from it..the files people they say it roots it's still uncooked..you got to give it a minute or two..some thing will turn up.

    Let me know.
    #15 Xavier Black, Aug 22, 2017
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  16. efflandt

    efflandt Newbie

    I got my J7 at a Black Friday sale in 2016. With T-Mobile moving towards 4G LTE, my 4 year old S3 only did 4G, not LTE. But my S3 was too old to get the "no monthly charge" trade in for an S7, so I have to pay about $7/mo for 2 years for the J7 when it was on sale. They would have only given me $7 trade-in for my S3, so I kept it for backup (no mobile service, but still works on WiFi for Internet things).

    I did not realize how slow my 2-core 1.5 GHz S3 was until I got the 8-core 1.5 GHz J7. And download speed where I am is about 40 Mbps and 18 ms ping with 4G LTE vs. about 15 Mbps and sometimes 350 ms ping with just 4G. The J7 is somewhat larger than the S3, so it is easier to type in passwords and easier to see things, but T-Mobile had a tight protective case that does not add much bulk. It doesn't have auto screen brightness, but a swipe and tap can adjust brightness and you can make the screen very bright for outdoors, I usually keep it set near minimum.

    Not sure what somebody's problem was with the GPS, but if you actually have the GPS turned on it should work better than triangulation from cell towers unless you are some place that blocks high frequency GPS signals. I rented a Pontiac in California long ago that either had some sort of metallic window tint or windshield heater that blocked GPS. At the time I had a Garmin 45 (from 1995) that had a BNC mounted swivel antenna, so I was able to pick up a BNC window mount cable at Radio Shack and mount the GPS antenna outside of the car. But with the cars I have, I can set the J7 in my console cup holder and the GPS works fine for Google Map directions. The J7 does not have built in compass, so it cannot tell what direction you are facing unless moving.

    The J7 may not have all of the features of the S7, but at significantly lower price level, I like the J7.
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  17. Swagoto Ghosh

    Swagoto Ghosh Lurker

    Been 7 months since i have bought the phone. It is as smooth as ever
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  18. Paul_2000

    Paul_2000 Lurker

    My wife and I each got the J7 last year in May at Costco. Worst phone ever. After the update, the battery wouldn't charge properly. Contacts kept crashing taking the phone app down with it. The phone won't connect to my home computer or my wife's laptop via the USB cable making it a huge hassle to download photos and videos. It will pair but won't stay paired with the sound system in my two year old Subaru. It won't pair with my Martian watch. Spent more than 20 hours with Samsung tech services and they cannot fix it. One of them admitted he couldn't fix it, but every time I ask to return the phones, they pretend they don't hear me. I HATE the phone but apparently there is no viable process by which I can obtain a remedy.
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  19. hoopharted

    hoopharted Lurker

    not happy , will not notify sms messages and zero support
  20. hoopharted

    hoopharted Lurker

    also it keeps re-arranging my app layouts , once a month i have to reorganize the apps to my home page that i use most , that wouldn't be a huge deal breaker for me but try running a construction company on a phone that will not notify you when you get a message

    i can not check my phone every 3 minutes in case "i might" have gotten a message

    the first day the issue started i was scheduled to install a kitchen , i got up at 3 am , went to the job for nothing , only to find out the install was rescheduled , if it wasn't for an ice storm today i think i would be holding a iPhone x today I'm so frustrated with this turd
  21. hoopharted

    hoopharted Lurker

    the more research i do I'm finding that this issue spans all the way back to the galaxy 3 and still continues to the S8
  22. Is there a way to print contacts on my Samsung Galaxy Halo model 727at

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