Help What does it mean to reboot


I keep reading about reboot and sideloading?? I'm so lost and I just got the inspire..


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To me a reboot is turning the phone off then back on. And a reset is clearing all data from the phone returning it to factory settings out of the box.

Sideloading was a way to push non market apps (anything not available from the Android market app on your phone) onto the phone. This usually involved using a program called sideload wonder machine (SWM) but now ATT is pushing an automatic update to unlock this ability so now you can download straight from the phone instead of using the SWM hooking the phone to a computer and transferring the apk (app)

To see if you got the update from ATT, from your homescreen tap menu-settings-applications- and here there would be an unknown sources option. You would check this box then you could get apps from outside the market like download the amazon app store and they have a free app of the day everyday

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A reboot, also called a soft reset, is when you completely turn your phone off and back on again. This is often the first step you will be given in troubleshooting problems with your phone as most issues are related to memory or a temporary glitch that gets resolved through a refresh of the system. I tell people that they should do a reboot once a week as it assists in reducing lag.

Battery Pull
A battery pull is something that you should not do often when the phone is powered on, but may be necessary. When your phone becomes frozen and will not recover regardless of buttons pressed or giving it time you will have to access your battery and pull it (thus the name). This should be done as a last resort.

Hard Reset
A hard reset is not for the faint of heart as it resets the phone to the factory settings. This means you will have to redo all of your settings and customization while waiting for the Android Market to reload your apps. This can be very time consuming (you can reduce the time by having a backup app).

Is just like it sounds, its loading apps from the side, aka loading them through an SD card, or any where that isnt the Market.


I think you're talking about open bootloading. But I'm not sure what that is either. HtC said they are going go be unlocking it on all if their phones.