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Support What does it take to kill Froyo (when installed right?)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DroidsIsPerfecked!!!, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. DroidsIsPerfecked!!!

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    Aug 12, 2010

    Aug 12, 2010
    I've been informed that many of the post-Froyo problems are happening due to the Froyo UPDATE being installed over old apps. That a clean install is effective only when you do a factory reset, after which Froyo will be sent to your Incredible (a clean-install file has also been leaked to the underground, but success with this depends on a desktop with Windows XP, or a good bit of luck). I went with the factory reset, and now I have Froyo (Android 2.2).

    Before I did the hardware reset, my Inc was so badly out of control that I was ready to throw it. It seems to work now, but after a couple of days I actually had to do a battery-pull to shut down the frozen screen. Sure, I'm putting on some of the same apps and widgets which may have caused my problems earlier, but I pulled them all from Appbrain or Marketplace. This is why I'm wondering which apps and widgets are most known to cause screen lag, screen freezing, forced battery-pulls, or (should this start again too) random re-booting.

    I don't like to use 7 to 19 or so screens, so I have used widgets which allow for the categorization of and quick access to my apps and widgets. Smart Taskbar makes sensible categorization of apps and widgets , App Launcher displays a panel of selected apps for quick access at the push of a button instead of sliding and hunting for them, and QuickDesk uses the functions of the Home button to superimpose another desktop over your current one, which in theory brings Android closer to true multitasking, even for those who don't have the Back button confused with the Home button. I had to try them all to see if they would work for me, and in their different ways they sort of do, but I know I'm running a lot of apps just for my apps, and that is far from all.

    I've also fallen in love with Multicon, a widget which packs four icons into the space of one (for apps, shortcuts, plus it's own cool widgets), so that more can be fit onto one screen. I have applied this to both my home screens and QuickDesk, but it's use is now mostly on QuickDesk.

    I also have a collection of live wallpapers, and am wondering if they all get along with my home screens apps. Currently, I have three home screen alternatives to SenseUI installed, if you count QuickDesk. I have Live Home and Dxtop, and both make better sense to me than Sense UI - Live Update seems to be the slickest one available. It's free, allows five buttons on the launch bar, supports vertical swiping for access to notifications, app drawer, main screen, or previews (just like Sense), and also supports themes, although they are limited compared to DxTop. Both will use the accelerometer for landscape use, in either direction! DxTop has some pretty cool themes available, and a unique launcher bar which scrolls for access to more user-selected buttons, but also has one of the best task-kill apps which I've ever used built right into it. DxTop also has me thinking about ditching Live Home for it's overall smooth responsiveness, and it's support for customizing your icons for any app or shortcut on your screen.

    Ok, I've done my user reviews, and now I'm at the question - I'm thinking about loading DxTop with pretty much the same which is on Live Home (with only a few widgets (more are on QuickDesk), and if it performs better than Live Home (no lag or forced battery-pulls) I'll drop Live Home, but I wonder if it's possible that something else (too many home screens installed, too many widgets, weather widgets, music widget, the Animated Analogue clock widget, the Multicon widget, or the live wallpaper), are any of these known to render the Incredible useless? I'm only using three screens per home screen app (besides SenseUI, which has very little on it now other than the big animated weather widget, and I almost never use it now), so I would be surprised if it's that I'm using too many of anything, but maybe Incredible just doesn't like one of the four home screens which I have on there (if Sense and QuickDesk were included), or my task launchers, specific widgets, live wallpapers, or some of them just don't play well together. I would appreciate any info you may have on the above which is related to Incredble performance problems. There are only three screens per home which I actually use (excepting Sense UI, which has very lttle on it altogether other than the weather widget)


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