What does "Number of days to sync" actually mean?


Dec 8, 2009
Minneapolis, MN
I have searched the forum, but have not found an answer.

I have e-mails still appearing in my inbox beyond the number of days I have set for syncing. Is the "Number of days to sync" for my different labels just not working, or are ALL emails going to display if I keep scrolling past that magic date?

I was hoping that the system would just stop syncing them and they would disappear from my phone, but still be alive in my Gmail account.

Any insight people can provide would be great!


I'm stupid. Its working as it should. I just had an incorrect setting. Nothing to see here....move along. :eek:

Update #2...maybe I'm not seeing things. I changed the Number of Days to Sync from 15 down to 2 and that initially hid all the items in my inbox that were older than 2 days old. But, once I changed to a different label, it seems to have "reset" itself and is showing all emails again. I even tried "Refreshing" the inbox, but all emails appear.

I changed the setting again...and it filtered when I went back to my inbox. As soon as I changed labels, its like the filter "reset" to all mail. So...from what I can tell...the Number of Days to Sync option is not working at all and the system is syncing all of your mail regardless.