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what does root do

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BJIZZLE G, Nov 3, 2010.


    BJIZZLE G Lurker
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    new to the forums and the word root so what exactly does root do and can i do the one touch root withh 2.2 that i manualy updated

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  2. jdestef90

    jdestef90 Newbie

    Rooting your phones allows you to have full access to the root source code of your device and removes the restrictions placed on the device by the carrier. Allows you to do things that you would normally have to pay for such as wireless tethering. Allows you to remove carrier installed apps. Allows you to clear the phones cache to speed it up and overclock/underclock as well as undervolt the phone for speed and battery life respectivly. With the Mytouch, Universal Androot works like a charm. Just load it on your phone and click root with superuser for 2.1-2.2. Takes about 5 minutes from download to your comp to having a rooted device.
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  3. does anyone have a guide to do the root?
  4. cyberstoic

    cyberstoic Lurker

    Super one click root works as well for the mytouch 3g. It is quick and easy.

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