Help What does this mean?


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Lately my battery life has not been what it once was and I'm trying to work out why. Please have a look at the following screen shots:



What's the go? Why is my battery so poor? Why is it looking for data and mobile network the whole time? I had network the whole time?


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I'm no expert but an awake percentage of 98% is certainly something you don't want to be seeing. Possibly a rouge app at play there.

I could be confusing that awake stat with wakelock though.

Omar Days

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Something's keeping the device awake. Whenever I have that problem, I just look at the stock battery stats, and what apps are running and can usually deduce it from that. Google Play services sometimes ruins my battery.


Can confirm that something is keeping the device from going into deep sleep. Optimally deep sleep + screen time = total time off charger. However the more syncing apps you have that sync at different times will affect this. But yeah, looks like an app is keeping the phone from going into deep sleep.


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Does that app not tell you which apps are keeping your phone awake?

What does the stock battery app say is high usage? Facebook & Twitter if not stopped via settings are constantly looking for updates and will kill a battery in no time.

I've set my syncs for these to manual or 4 hours.