What does this REALY MEAN...!


After attempting the ICS update from droid 2.3.3 I was wondering exactly what the dreaded 'YOUR DEVICE DOES NOT SUPPORT SOFTWARE UPGRADING VIA KIES' means.

Is it, Forget it you aint going to get it, or plug and prey its going to work, or there is absolutely no chance of you getting this update (or any updates from 2.3.3 and upwards)

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If you have an unofficial firmware for your phone or are rooted or on a modified kernel, Kies will not update your phone.

You can however either flash via Odin or restore your phone to stock and then try to update via Kies.


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Providing that ORA is your original firmware and that you have not altered it or the kernel, you have 2 options...

1. Take it to the nearest Samsung Service point and explain your problem and ask them to update it for you.


2. Flash the ICS firmware for your CSC using Odin, as described in post #1.