Oct 28, 2010
What files are in the Root of the HTC Droid Incredible?

What happened is....

1) Installed Astro File Manger
2) Went to my picture folder (100Media) and did a copy
3) Went to SD Card and did a paste
4) Folder existed, so asked if I wanted to Merge.
5) Said yes
6) Now all pics missing
7) Compared my SD Card with my Orig I has backed on on my PC, and all looked fine
8) 10 min later I hooked back up to my PC (Phone idol) and half of the folders missing from SD Card.
9) Removed Astro and replaced with my Backup Files

Now the question.....

I fear it has also deleted files from the root of the phone, but never have backed this up. Can someone tell me the standard folders and files that should be in the root of the HTC Droid INcredible?