what good/great NON-market app are you using ?


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what good/great NON-market apps are you using ? and do tell what they are, what they do and where to get the APKs
I am non rooted but forced 2.2 update


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+ 1 on swype, Flash 10.1, and Rock DiVX Player. Haven't had a need to use anything else, but I'm sure there are some other gems out there.


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- Slideit keyboard (very much like swype)

- iSync (purchased for $1) best dollar I ever spent. Enables me to use iTunes to sync music to my droid rather than drag and drop

oops just realized you asked for NON market apps...both of these are in the market


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"Not Call log Prefs". This sends your phone to the home screen when you end a call, rather than your call log screen. It prevents pocket dials, by accident.

Not Call Log is available in the Market. ;)

I use an app called Nav Launcher every day. I got it off the Market, but it is no longer available. :(

It is a cool launcher for Google Navigation that can store destinations as Favorites and also has text search and voice search for your destinations right in the app.


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