What happened to Edward Snowden?


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Ever notice how certain high profile stories suddenly disappear?

Are there any high profile stories in the news that seem to have suddenly disappeared?

Talk about ADD or ADHD. How is it so easy to forget some of this stuff?

Are we ( as a country and a culture ) only interested in what is on the top of the pile?

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I could be wrong, but I believe Snowden went to Russia. He's not in the news because there's literally nothing to report about him. He's disappeared.
And yes, news these days is all about the latest controversial story. Then the BBC sensationalise it to the max, as do the newspapers, who just want to maximise their circulation. And newspapers will flat out make things up if it can sell more copies.


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And when it comes to letting the public know about our veterans and what's happening to them after they return and get discharged is hardly ever talked about. Now That's A SHAME!


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Actually it depends on what media sources you typically follow. Mainstream news is generally worthless these days as it focuses only on talking points and click-baiting headlines. But outside the beltway in more indie news sources, there's no shortage of info related Snowden's revelations or of his current activities. Greenwald and The Guardian are still vetting and releasing the original data, and Snowden continues to talk (virtually over the Internet of course) at various functions like SXSW and various colleges and universities. A while back he did a TED talk too but even last month he did a quick teleconference appearance at the CES in Las Vegas.


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Yes he is living with his long time girl friend in Russia. He continues to release things to the media, does interviews and is for all intents and purposes a free man. I believe his status in Russia is roughly equal to a foreign national having a "Green card" in the United States.


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Try boilingfrogspost.com or newsbud if this sort of story is your thing. Those sites arent spammed up with all sorta of nonsense like that alex jonea garbage. And they are more focused on this sort of thing than the msm.