What happened to me?


Recognized Developer
Some of you may have ever wonder what ever happened to that Cyberdev/GamerROM Inc guy? Did he stop working on android projects...did something bad happen to him?...did he die from covid or something?....

Well here is all those answers why you barely seen posts from me. Well no i never gotten covid but covid has affected me and my business.

It affected my living situation because we couldn't afford paying only rent but other bills, this left me having to move in with my gfs mom now ex gfs house and its not great here either.....i stopped all my projects because the environment is too rough to concentrate with a deaf karen who cant hear but shows anger alot through violence and lost majority of my revenue due to it, i still luckly have a youtube channel named "Cyber Gaming Studios" thats still helping pay some not all my bills.

I do pray for a miracle that one day i can have some help but avas that never is gonna happen for years my own family never helped me but i have helped them.

But overall im fine i just stopped posting because of my current situation hope your having a great day!