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What Happened to Tapatalk

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mskgreenel, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Mskgreenel

    Mskgreenel Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    How come when I try to access the forum via Tapatalk it says that "the forum appears to be deactivated from Tapatalk"
    I only paid for Tapatalk to communicate w/ ya'll :eek:

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  2. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    Check the announcement forum. Security flaw.
  3. Pretkomel

    Pretkomel Well-Known Member

    I believe this was fixed in latest updates though.
  4. Mskgreenel

    Mskgreenel Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Dang, I'm slow..... Ewww security issues.... WTF!
  5. windycity

    windycity Well-Known Member

    I'd love to get Tapatalk support back, mods-at least until whatever app you're developing is released. I paid for Tapatalk for the sole purpose of this forum.
  6. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    Could someone explain to an idiot (me) why tapatalk? Cant you just use the browser (I use Skyfire) to be on this forum?
  7. rsgunther

    rsgunther Newbie

    Same here - I bought tapatalk about a week before they disabled it. This really sucks - please enable it until you have another solution in place.
  8. UHF3

    UHF3 Well-Known Member

    For Pete's sake the security flaw was fixed a few weeks ago. The owner/Admin of Phandroid really needs to get over this and give us back Tapatalk! I don't want/need a specific app for Phandroid and I don't want to use a browser either. Apparently many others agree.

    For the Admin and Mods, and not to sound rude. But, spare me the pitch on security issues. I run a vBulletin forum about one third the size of Phandroid (so it's plenty busy) I have Tapatalk installed and have full confidence with it. Of course I've done all my homework and the install is solid. Honestly going on about security issues is BS.
  9. sk8skanj

    sk8skanj Newbie

    just started using tapatalk and was wondering why this place didn't support it. will probably stop coming here in the future since this place is blocked at my work.
  10. ryanx27

    ryanx27 Member

    From the Announcements forum:
    So in other words, we won't ever have the option of using Tapatalk for AF again, even though Tapatalk fixed the security flaws? Just so AF/Phandroid can force us to use their own app?

    That's completely ridiculous!
  11. birthofahero

    birthofahero Android Enthusiast

    Im actually excited about the app....
  12. Mskgreenel

    Mskgreenel Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Because it's easier than using the browser. You can favorite your favorite forums, log-in mark specific threads, lots of nice features.
    FramCire likes this.
  13. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    You're also able to change the appearance. Light writing on Dark background is WAY WAY WAY better on your battery.
    FramCire likes this.
  14. bgrutter

    bgrutter Android Enthusiast

    Please don't tell me this is going to be a Fee coupled App. I enjoy this forum, but I've certainly got no interest in paying for an app that's sole purpose is reading this forum.

    Please don't think I'm bashing anyone, I'm just being honest.
  15. ryanx27

    ryanx27 Member

    It's not about the new app, it's about having choice... you know, the whole underlying principle of Android. AF's apparent decision to freeze out access from apps other than their own is something I would expect from Apple, not from Android fans.

    I would guess there will be a free version with ads, and a paid ad-free version. Ad and fee revenue must be involved otherwise why would they care about locking out access from other apps?
    necosino likes this.
  16. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I need to think about this. As a matter of principle, I may bail from the forum. I have Tap too, so with AF first blaming security (fixed) and now using "focus on our app" excuse, seems that was the end game all along. This could perhaps be to channel add link hits. Heck, XDA and the other Android sites allow Tap, so AF is just being the odd one out and this may come back to bite them. Then again, maybe not.

    Still a matter of principle.
    ryanx27 likes this.
  17. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    I am not the sharpest spoon in the oven, but why would you begrudge them a shot to make a few bucks. I do understand that it sucks to have bought something and not be able to use it, but this site is still free to use on your computer or phone browser.

    I used to run a small forum and paid out of my pocket all the expenses. I just felt bad asking for $$ and/or putting adds on.

    If there was a security issue and the people here decided to put in the effort to offer a comparable service, I guess I understand why they wouldn't reinstate the old security risk since they have put in the effort to offer an alternative for their own site.

    With this said, if you choose to leave out of principle, you will be missed.
  18. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Point is Tap works well and (IMO) a MUCH better idea than proprietary apps. Kind of defeats part of the purpose of a Tap-like app. Not to mention a month wait when Tap is available now. At a minimum, AF should enable Tap at least until their app is published.

    The tactics they are using ATM are not exactly community friendly, hence the principle. It would be another issue if Tap still had security issues, but even the slightly security paranoid XDA forum allows Tap.

    Still, when all is said and done, competition tends to be a good thing.
  19. trowpa

    trowpa Member

    lame for them to have disabled tapatalk. not much else to say.
  20. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    This is exactly why you would be missed. You make very impressive and intelligent points when you discuss an issue.

    I think only the people in charge here can further comment on this issue and your concerns. I don't have any good ideas except what i have already added.
  21. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Mainly depends on the response that AF makes in regards to the issue :)

    Actually, the whole situation seems very un-AF, which is more the odd thing here....
  22. waynester

    waynester Android Enthusiast

    While I agree and support temp blocking for security reasons, if the bug is fixed, should allow tap again.
    Not wait till they launch own program, let the users decide which to use, like Android
    euph_22 likes this.
  23. crackers8199

    crackers8199 Android Enthusiast

    i asked about this when they initially disabled it (even sent them the link to the security fixes that are listed on the tapatalk website), and the response was something along the lines of "there are several security issues, none of which have been fixed."

    i find it rather odd that XDA is still available on tapatalk. seems to me they would have pulled support long ago if the security issues really weren't fixed...BTW, they also DO have their own app, and STILL offer the ability to use tapatalk. not sure why THAT solution isn't an option here...
    ryanx27 likes this.
  24. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Correct. Also, the king/queen of security concerned forums, Maeomo Talk also works fine with Tap and the site manager sees no reason to disable the function.

    Seems AF are using older security issues that have been fixed as an excuse to segway to their own app... which is one month or so away.

    AF's stance does not seem too "open" to me, hence full circle back to my original point. Any folks at AF care to comment? Silence in this case would not be golden.

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