Help What happened to the kickstand?


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So it appears this new HTC phone will have no kickstand (and neither will the evo 3d). I have the Tbolt right now and personally love having the kickstand. Wouldn't say i use it all the time but it comes in handy when the time is right. My gf wants a new phone, and the sensation makes the most sense for her but she loves the kickstand on my phone too and looks like she won't be getting any help in that department. So question is, has HTC abandoned their kickstand design? Or do you anticipate it coming out on future phones?
I don't see it coming back. Probably in the interest of thickness. Camera button has also gone the way of the dodo as with other phones. You can always get a case with a kickstand. Won't be as svelte though.
How is the Sensation billed as a multi-media powerhouse but yet they don't put a kickstand on it? Nor, at the time of this writing, is there a case that incorporates a kickstand (besides the bulky and scarce Body Glove case they sell @ t-mobile)?

This makes no sense.