Android Expert
May 14, 2011
I have an OG Droid since 1/1/2010 that is done 1/1/2012.

I am grandfathered into the unlimited data plan and eligible for an early NE2 & upgrade $50.00 discount.

With all the new handsets trickling out I want to wait & see but 1/1/2012 is coming fast.

So if I wait will I lose my unlimited data, and what other pitfalls are there?
no pitfalls at all. VZW will NOT force you to drop your unlimited data unless you went to a basic phone. After your contract is up you are considered "month to month" with no penalties for leaving vzw if you wanted to do that. Otherwise, when you see the phone you want, go ahead and re-up. You can check online through myverizon, or the ap on your phone, and it should tell you if you get any perks for re-upping, like NE2 $50 or $100 credit off a handset, ect.

But above all else, no, they will not force you to drop unlimited data, so worry not!
not a problem, I work with vzw contracts every day so I have most of the answers, lol. I still upgrade people daily that have 10 year old alltel plans that are cheap as hell and vzw doesn't force em to change.

The only thing you have to worry about is getting throttled, and that doesn't happen unless you use more than 8gb a month I believe.