What happens when a phone exchange is needed?


Android Expert
As the title says, I'm probably exchanging my Driod for a new one (case seems to be peeling), will my apps and settings (I checked the box for settings backup) be downloaded/installed when I activate my Google account on the replacement?

im not an expert but i think ur contacts are safe and will be re-downloaded auto for you when u sign back into google account on new phone.

you can goto market and easily re-download all your apps (has to be manually done i believe) but an app such as mybackup pro will save all your apps/settings to memory card which u can one button restore to new phone easily. it saves online too so thats probably better for what u need, mate.
I swapped mine out Saturday. All my contacts were pretty much instantly synced after I logged into the new phone. About 5 minutes later, ALL of my applications were added to my new phone.