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What have I done to my contatcs...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zzz?, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. zzz?

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    I've had my Dinc for a little over a week now. After I received it in the mail I went to the vzw store to have them sync my contacts from my old BB curve 8330. After they finished the sync, which was free surprisingly, I noticed none of my contacts were synced with the corresponding facebook picture and status. After fiddling though all the contact options for a second I found how to link each individual contact with their facebook profiles. I painstakingly did this for EVERY SINGLE contact. After this tedious process I have a huge glaring problem...

    Somehow multiple copies of many of my contacts have been made. The original contact has a facebook picture and number/email listed under it, but all of the duplicates have no pictures or contact info.


    [picture] John Smith
    John Smith
    John Smith
    John Smith
    John Smith
    John Smith
    John Smith

    In some cases there are 12 duplicate entries.

    Any help is greatly appreciate.

  2. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    Go onto the desktop version of gmail (ether on a computer or with a 3rd party browser) and go to contacts. Select all of the duplicate entries, and then select "Merge Contact"

    Review the condensed contact, and add/remove anything you don't want, then hit save.

    Upon next sync, there will be only one John Smith.

    Repeat/remove contacts as necessary.
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