Root What if I do this?

So, just recently I've installed dpwguenther's CWM recovery which obviously doesn't work.
Any ways, in ROM manager if I go to the install CWM recovery and go to unsupported device, and click "yes" and "V3+" (It installs v6.0.1.1), what will happen?
Will I get a brick?
Will recovery not work?
Please respond

scary alien

not really so scary

I would advise caution in flashing an unsupported recovery from ROM Manager.

Nothing wrong with ROM Manager itself mind you, it's just that if your device is not on the supported list, there's a good chance that it won't work anyways.

The major downside would be that you try to flash a recovery anyway via RM and ROM Manager doesn't know which partition is your recovery partition and it flashes to the wrong one (say, the bootloader--ouch!--bad and very dangerous) and you could end-up with a non-functioning device (i.e., brick).

So, if ROM Manager doesn't say it's supported--go with that and believe it until someone with first-hand knowledge of your device tells you it's okay.

I'm not familiar at all with the Gravity Smart, so this is just general advice to help keep you safe.


scary alien

not really so scary
Thanks for your advice! Also, do you or does a friend have this phone's recovery file? (.img)

I'm afraid I do not, Drew :(.

I don't see much about a custom recovery having been developed for you guys yet...I see one ROM thread where the ROM is installed though the stock recovery, which is pretty cool (that's usually not allowed, so you guys are lucky in that respect).