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What if the Dec 11th update is not all it is cracked up to be???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by itype2slo, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Are any of you Nov 6th buyers going to take your phone back and maybe rebuy the phone if the kinks are worked out with the update? I am thinking about taking mine back for a couple of reasons. One, my unicorn, the Passion, still could show its face. Two, what if some of the bugs aren't worked out? Mainly, the keyboard on the Droid drives me nuts compared to a multitouch. Anyone else have the same thinking? Only have a couple days left!

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  2. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    I took my 2nd Droid back after (2) weeks, and the 11th was a few days before my 30 day window closed, but I didn't want any issues being able to return before the update...assuming it will come out on the 11th and not delayed. I'd also want a solid week of testing, in other states (took mine back mainly for reception issues) to see if "my issues" were resolved.

    But I think that ultimately I'm going to hold out for the GSM version, and hopefully better antennae.
  3. square

    square Android Enthusiast

    another one?
  4. krichek

    krichek Android Enthusiast

    Nope... Could care less about a multi-touch soft keyboard and the few other issues that are being corrected are minor annoyances with the exception of the camera focusing bug.

    I was hot for the passion as well since it's an HTC product so there will be a big following over at xda, the keyboard will probably be better and I'm sure the processor will be at least slightly more peppy. Down side is the screen is larger but with a lower resolution then the Droid. Anyway, I'm happy with the Droid and will probably be keeping for at least the next year.
  5. BucYouUp68

    BucYouUp68 Android Enthusiast

    If you don't like the phone, it may be a good idea to just flush it down the toilet now. I am so surprised by all the comments about how this phone is not like the iphone. If you wanted a iphone you should have just bought one.
  6. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Whoa! I never said I didn't like the phone. This is the best Android phone on the market by far right now. But, since it is new it still does have its kinks. Even if I don't return the phone it will have to be exchanged for my third in as many weeks. I am willing to be patient and wait for the updates, but don't want to have to set everything back up to my liking every week on top of the question of if the update irons everything out.
  7. dlongb13

    dlongb13 Lurker

    They will all have kinks...sorry...go make your own phone if you don't think anything out there is good enough for you.
  8. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    ^ First post? Wow.

    itype2slo, if you're really concerned, there's no reason to "not" take it back, and just keep an eye on the forums. If things seem better, just jump back in. Better safe than stuck in 2-year contract.
  9. bruceo

    bruceo Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, why would we compare it to the iPhone since that was the exact phone that the teaser up to launch and many of the current commercials compare the droid to as being superior.....
  10. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That was what I was thinking as well. You guys are making me out to be a Droid hater, which is not the case.
  11. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Never said I wanted the iPhone, just that I am having trouble with a few things on the phone. I am an Android guy.
  12. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    I'm not making you out to be a hater...my Droid(s) went back last week. I will probably be picking up a GSM version come tax time however.
  13. square

    square Android Enthusiast

    So what do you want us to tell you?
  14. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    "Anyone else have the same thinking? Only have a couple days left!"
  15. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Use the force young Jedi?
  16. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    I am very happy with my phone just the way it is. If there were no update coming, I wouldn't complain. If they make it even better than it already is, well, that's just wonderful!
  17. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    keeping it regardless. though not perfect, it's by far the best package on the market right now, with or without the update. i am looking forward to the update though.
  18. Nepherim

    Nepherim Well-Known Member

    Well, with that thinking you might wait forever for the next best phone. Consider what the Passion offers over the Droid for your use -- are they *must* haves, or simply 'another shiny thing over there'?

    In my opinion this is valid. The soft keyboard is a PIA. However, even if it's not addressed as a future release other keyboards exist today (I like ShapeWriter) and more will come, with and without multi-touch, so for me this is not a show-stopper, just annoying.
  19. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Whew guys, a little bit harsh, don't you think?

    He was just trying to drum up some discussion, that's what a message board is for, and a lot of people are jumping down his throat.

    On topic - I'm not planning on returning my Droid for any reason. I already think it's a great phone (the best one I've ever used) and I still love the design and fact that it has the physical keyboard. Sure, it has quirks, but every phone does, and it's working beautifully for me right now, meaning that the update can only be icing on the cake. I agree that the keyboard could use a multitouch implementation, but I've started using the physical almost exclusively, so it's not that big of an issue for me right now.

    The Passion could still show up, too. If you think that it will be your savior, then wait for it, but remember that you don't know how it's actually going to turn out. I followed the Droid for weeks and weeks before release, read every preview and review I could to determine what I should expect, and even then it was a little bit different than what the Internet told me. The Passion sounds great on paper, and it may be amazing, but it also could turn out to be a dud, not all it's cracked up to be, as some Droid owners think this phone is. I feel like people that aren't happy with the Droid are just having "the grass is greener" syndrome. How much better could the Passion possibly be to drive people away from the Droid? Sense UI? Faster processor? The Droid is already fast and Sense UI is OK, but not a dealbreaker. Screen/build quality, battery life, etc, are still a mystery, and personally I think it's ugly.

    In the end, of course, it's your decision, but I think that Google will make some seriously positive steps with this update. I doubt it's going to fix everything, but it should improve what (IMO) is already a great phone.
  20. argylecyclist

    argylecyclist Newbie

    The December 11th update won't fix everything, but it also won't be the only update. Updates will continue to be released for this phone. I have no doubt about that.

    I know some people are concerned about what's in the Dec 11th update because they're worried about their 30 day return window. For me, it's a no brainer, I'm keeping the phone regardless. Even if the Passion came out in January, it will have kinks and bugs as well. No phone is released perfect.

    Ultimately, you're the one who has to use the phone everyday. If the bugs bother you enough that you won't enjoy the phone, return it.

    Has anyone talked to their VzW sales rep about being able to return their phone after their 30 day window if the Dec 11th update doesn't fix their issues? (haven't seen anyone discuss this. I apologize if I missed it)
  21. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just downloaded ShapeWriter. I didn't realize this was available for Android. It is awesome!
  22. djrun33

    djrun33 Newbie

    When I tried to return my 2nd DROID because of the echo issue, they wouldn't give me a third one. They would let me get another phone but not a DROID. Since I really wanted to keep my DROID but be able to return it only if the 12/11 update didn't correct the echo issue, they extended my return date.
  23. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My dad had the exact same problem. If you pull the battery it usually temporarily fixes the echo.
  24. chefboyardee

    chefboyardee Well-Known Member

    completely agreed. and that they're already pushing an OTA update makes me smile. i feel like they care about this phone and any kinks will be worked out eventually. and anything that isn't can probably be fixed with software once the phone is rooted, which i'm sure will happen at some point.

    either way, i'm 100% on board and keeping this phone, flaws or not (and there aren't many i've found that i can't handle or get around)
  25. tonestert

    tonestert Member

    I you return it then buy another 3 days later do you get another 30 days to return it ?

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