Jan 31, 2011
Tampa - West Palm
just as the title says ... I frenquently get 2 email type "DRM Notificaiton" in my status bar that I have to clear ... any ideas? :thinking:
Digital Rights Management.

Some users who have recently updated will see these if they've got downloaded music, etc.

You can stop the DRM service in menu > settings > applications > running services.

Unless you're rooted and remove the service, it'll restart the next time you reboot your device, but that doesn't mean you'll necessarily continue to see that notification.
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I get these from time to time and always in pairs. They seem to happen randomly and with no seeming connection to actual attempts to access media.
I started seeing these today....I heard some rumors that some of the old ringtones were DRM protected (???!?!), but haven't gotten confirmation. I'm guessing that there may be something in SC that may be causing the problem as most of those who are seeing the DRM messages appear to be on one SC variant or another.
I used to get them, but have not since removing any apk's with drm in them. When I de-bloated my EB01, moved them, and about 60 mb to a folder on the sd card.
I get these errors and i don't keep any music, or other material on my phone/card. The only audio I stream is via the Scanner Radio App and TuneIn Radio.
I received them as well. I'm rooted with EB01. I noticed I get them after using USB storage on my laptop or turning on EasyTether. I don't have any music on my phone but I do use Zedge. I doubt those would have anything with DRM so not really sure.