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Nov 23, 2009
Good sound plus durable Thanks
I'm assuming you're talking about wireless headphones? They are a touchie subject right now, not only because they are expensive but they aren't exactly the best quality sound either. The ones with half decent reviews come with bulky dongles that you have to attatch to your device for the headphones to work.

Here is a few examples: Motorola Bluetooth Audio Headset; Plantronic w/ dongle; Jaybird headset

As you can see, the reviews on all of them are sub par at the greatest. I believe you're better off getting an $8 pair of wired headphones for now, at least until the technology improves a little more.
OK I went to Bestbuy just to see wat they had I ended up buying the Jaybird Freedoms. But i dont like them they are very uncomfortable !! I think i might try the Moto S9-HD
oki have been using these for 2 days now and I am starting to like them !!The connect with no probs and have decent range too !! the sound is good not much bass but wat u do u think $100 headphones are gonna sound like its not Bose !! they did fall off my ears a couple times but i am a little crazy in the gym lol I still wanna try the S9 or 10 !! So i will report back !!