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What is better about the TB over the X?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by darkcyber, May 14, 2011.

  1. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I have just programmed up one tb for my sister and I really want someme honest input on this question. To me I see no difference in the Droid X and the Thunderbolt, other than the X is 3 G and the tb is 4 G. We live in a rural area so I figure it will one of he last to get 4 g. So, if 4g is removed from the argument is there any reason for me to switch to the tb?

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  2. Filipino.Cowboy

    Filipino.Cowboy Android Enthusiast

    A few things for me. One, I like the way the Bolt feels in my hands better than the X. Also, this is another personal preference, I prefer Sense UI to anything else. As far as specs go, not sure, you should be fine with both for a good while. But all the reasons for me were purely personal preference.
  3. digdug1

    digdug1 Android Expert

    i retired my x after buying my thunderbolt. i bought it mainly for the kickstand. j/k :).

    the main reason i got it was to get grandfathered in to the unlimited 4g data. that being said i was also tired of the x's encrypted boot loader. now that i have it the only thing i really miss about my x is the battery life and the fact that x users are currently enjoying netflix GRRRR!! but im sure it will be on the thunderbolt soon.
  4. stanlalee

    stanlalee Well-Known Member

    TB is faster (wifi,3G,4G, apps, scrolling ect). MSM8655 Snapdragon/Adreno 205GPU > OMAP3630/PowerVR SGX530 (for reference facinate uses PowerVR SGX540 GPU and Iphone4 use PowerVR SGX535 so the X is well behind in the graphics department though this wont matter to 90% of users). TB has more ram and more storage preinstalled.

    Sense UI interface is WAY better than motoblur. If those two arent reason enough there's the kickstand. Seriously though while both are big the X is even longer and less pocketable than the TB and the main difference is just what you'd expect: the TB performs like a newer device much like the X vs the original droid incredible.
  5. kushineris

    kushineris Member

    The camera seems better to me along with having the option for the front facing camera. Everything also seems much faster and snappier with this phone than my droid x ever did. I used to have constant force closes on my x also. I like being able to use voice and data at the same time also, if i need to. The kickstand is also a big plus. Finally, i like sense way better than i ever like that shitty MOTO blur. I'm very happy that I switched to.the tb.
  6. cbj5259

    cbj5259 Newbie

    Yeah to me the biggest difference is the front facing camera (which hasn't even touched the surface as far as possible uses and apps go...) And the ability to use data while on the phone.
  7. Puppa

    Puppa Android Enthusiast

    I'd say Sense is a big reason, but even more basic is the fact that the X has noticeably more lag in normal use (of course, that may be a reflection on Sense; it's hard to say). Personally, I don't care for the clicky home/menu/back/search buttons on the X.
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  8. xkingofgodzx

    xkingofgodzx Android Enthusiast

    Woa I agree with everything you said up until you said the X performs better than the Incredible. I very strongly disagree. The incredible was better than the X in every way except for the x had a 4.3" screen and that's just because I like the 4.3" screen better than 3.7".
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  9. nateap87

    nateap87 Android Enthusiast

    sorry but no. the dx was better in every way than the incredible other than the ui and possible screen preference. dx has better battery, cpu/gpu, camera and build quality
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  10. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    Sorry no one knows which phone is the best.
  11. damule6666

    damule6666 Android Enthusiast

    I DO! ;)
    DX > Dinc ALL day long...:D

    Seriously tho, for me it's the DX, it outperformed my Dinc in every conceivable fashion. But it does all boil down to what works best for you.

    I have retired my DX because my T-Bolt destroys it in every way..
  12. brinky

    brinky Well-Known Member

    Voice and data at the same time.
  13. whytecountry

    whytecountry Member

    Agreed 100%. +the TBolt is faster.

    Honestly, if they released an LTE Droid X WITHOUT a locked bootloader (assuming this meant CM7), I'd leave the thunderbolt in a FLASH!... get it? like, lightning...?

    Hey, I tried...
  14. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    Caught ya looking for greener pastures Darkcyber! LOL My gf has the TB and, as a matter of fact, I have it in my hand right now. She is suffering from phone resets, FC's, and her alarm failed to go off this morning. I'm not sure if it's the phone as much as my negligence in updating the kernel since those early days of undervolted kernels being released. The colors on the TB seem rich and movements are more fluid. Battery life absolutely sucks! I can't stand Sense, so the first thing I'd do is flash to a vanilla ROM if this were my phone. My gf won't have it.

    Honestly Darkcyber, I'd have switched to this if for nothing more than the FFC and 4G had I been eligible for an upgrade. Since the upgrade date is August, I expect bigger and better by that time. I don't think that anyone who got the TB made a bad choice. It is snappy and has cool features. The kickstand...yeah...that would have been cool if they hadn't put the charging cable on the wrong freaking side!?! :D

    Oh, and hi filipino cowboy. I haven't seen you since the Eris days.

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