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What is eating my memory and battery?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sksahai, May 26, 2011.

  1. sksahai

    sksahai Newbie
    Thread Starter

    As my phone's internal memory dropped, my battery life got worse, eventually dying after only 8 hours in my pocket/desk, no surfing/calling/texting.

    I had to do a factory reset/wipe last night due to the fact that my phone became sluggish and eventually unresponsive. The available internal
    memory had dropped below 10 MBs.

    Stock Optimus, not rooted. NO sprint ID.

    This happened after facebook and others published app updates.

    I watched the available internal memory carefully during the reinstall: total: 164 mb

    phone, just after reset/wipe: 140 MB

    after maps and and gmail updated: 138 MB

    then installed apps from market and amazon, first to phone (16 apps) , then to sd card (14 apps)

    If you take the 32 MB of apps on the phone and subract that number from the above 138, I should have 106 MB on the phone in Internal memory, but I have only 88 MB. 18 MB are unaccounted for.

    Text messages: only 1 saying "test"
    Gmail: only 1 short email (text only)
    personal email, 2 accounts (10-15 messages each, did not open them, so NO pics or html code downloaded).

    My phone is showing 88 MB of internal memory. (NO facebook installed).
    Everytime I installed an App and moved it to the SD card, I lose about 1-2 MB of Internal memory. I have cached cleaned after every install and move.

    This is very frustrating, I really like the phone, as the form factor is correct for me. I don't want a huge phone that is big in my pocket.

    I don't want to root it, as it sounds like a pain, plus I don't have time to tinker around for hours on end. It took me two hours to do the reboot/reset/reinstall. I did switch the SD card to a class 4 4gb card last night.

    ON the phone , per app2sd, 16 apps total (roughly 32 MB)
    Maps 9.9 MB
    Gmail 4.4 MB
    Goog Voice 3.84 MB
    Go Launcher EX 3.64 MB
    Amazon Appstore 3.1 MB
    Shazam 2.87 MB
    swiftkey 2.71 MB
    Talkback 2.36 MB
    Gentle Alarm 1.49 MB
    flii backup 592 kb
    green power free 564 kb
    quick settings 524 kb
    sprint installer 216 kb
    houston traffic 128 kb
    quick battery 120 kb
    silent toggle widget 64 kb

    Any Ideas/thoughts? I did multiple power on/offs, and the phone just stopped pulling up apps on the SD card (not installed), several "force close" errors, plus delays of over 2 seconds in respondng to my finger.

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  2. vapore0n

    vapore0n Newbie

    have you checked your battery use? Click on cell standby and see how much it spent on time without signal.

    Disable gps, bluetooth, and lower screen brightness.
    Way back it was found that the email app (not gmail) uses a lot of memory and was causing my phone to just close out programs.

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