What is JIT and do I need it


I know that it changes the way apps are handled and makes the phone faster...?

Now I am running DC 2.08.1 and I tried to search but couldnt find the info i needed. I have the ability to turn JIT on inside DCconfig and I have already ditched the sense home screen for Helix Launcher, and disabled the HTClockscreen and replaced it with vanilla lock screen.

Can I turn on JIT now without ruining my phone? What is the benefit of JIT to a "normal" user like me? Will I even feel the difference?

Would love the input, thanks guys :)



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It won't ruin your phone, but you may experience a few odd things happening here and there. I don't think JIT, at least the way it's been implemented in Damage Control, is ready to see light of day quite yet. You can always try it. A lot of folks are not having problems, and as a matter of fact, are seeing great increases in speed. Try it. If it doesn't work as you expected, just go back into dconfig and disable it again.


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thanks! I took the leap and turned it on. I dont know if its a placebo but holy hell the phone feels a lot faster. Ill take a random crash here and there. We'll see how it does