Root What is Rooting?


Could someone please explain to a complete newby what rooting is and how one does it? Sorry if you've done this a million times already. I couldn't find it. Way too new at this.

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Hmm, as for "messing it up really bad," I'm praying I haven't already done that. I'm updated to 2.1 and it keeps crashing on me. Taking out the battery doesn't help. It just does it again as soon as the start-up is complete. Once I get that and the rest of the marvin shell figured out, I plan to root. Thanks.
Rooting gives you super user privileges to your phone. You can basically do whatever you want to it, including messing it up really bad. Read this and go from there.

[HOW TO] DE03 - Instructions for Flash, Recovery, Root, Custom Patch

You can stop after step 12. Let me know if you need help.
You can't mess up your phone really bad (in the sense that it isnt a simple reflash to fix it) unless you are using the Updater program to overwrite the PBL and SBL... That is the only time that you can seriously screw your phone