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what is sdcard/ext_sd?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nolesfan, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Nolesfan

    Nolesfan Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I was browsing my internal storage today and saw a folder called ext_sd. It has the same file structure as my external storage, but it couldn't have all of the data since my microSD card is 32GB and obviously the internal storage isn't that big. I'm assuming it's just links. Anyone know what it is? Can we just point programs at this location?

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  2. Blackthanos

    Blackthanos Well-Known Member

    ext_sd is your SD card. For some reason this phone calls the internal storage SD card and the SD card external SD. This is my first smartphone so I have no idea if that's normal or not but I'm guessing it's not. This has been brought up in the forums already and I'm sure if you look around you will find various post on it that may explain things better or in more detail than I have but I hope this helps you.
  3. Nolesfan

    Nolesfan Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My sd card shows up as sdcard2 when you look at the root of the drive. ext_sd is a path under sdcard. It's not possible for it to reside there because there isn't enough storage.
  4. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    It's just the way the Rezound partitions the SD card. I think whoever wrote the code to handle the SD card was watching Inception when working on the code. If you really want your mind blown, you should see my storage, it's /SDcard/ext_sd/SDcard....

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    VTENGR Well-Known Member

    on my phone ex_sd is the same as sdcard2. When I use astro to create a dummy folder in sdcard2 it also shows up in ex_sd. I think the sdcard2 is there for convience so you don't have to navigate to mnt/sdcard/ex_sd to access your sd card. You just have to go to sdcard2 from the main partition.
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  6. Nolesfan

    Nolesfan Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So one of them is a symbolic link and one is the actual path. Any idea which is which?
  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    The actual paths should be /mnt/sdcard and ( /mnt/ext_sd or /mnt/sdcard2 or /mnt/sdcard_external ) - that's traditional Linux/Android.

    /sdcard on typical Android soft links to the first one, then the ext_sd under that is a convenience (also a soft link).

    Without root exploring capabilities, you likely can't see all the paths from the / (root) level, so to confirm, you may want to ask in the rooting forum - or just temp-root and use EStrong's File Explorer as a root explorer (menu->settings) to confirm.

    Tossing an "ls -lFa /" in Terminal Emulator may be helpful, can't say for sure without root.
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  8. replica9000

    replica9000 Well-Known Member

    /sdcard is actually /mnt/sdcard
    /sdcard2 is actually /mnt/sdcard/ext_sd

    What I don't like about this, if you umount your internal storage (/mnt/sdcard), you lose your mount point for your external sdcard (/mnt/sdcard/ext_sd)
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  9. Kane5581

    Kane5581 Well-Known Member

    What I don't likeabout it is that apps look at /sdcard as your actual sdcard but on this phone that is your internal storage and /sdcard2 Is your removable sdcard. apps like tibackup then backup to your internal storage instead of your sdcard so when you root and wipe your internal storage you lose your backup which is what happened to me. Why in the hell they would name the internal storage sdcard is beyond me.
  10. replica9000

    replica9000 Well-Known Member

    When you do a factory reset it should ignore the sdcard directory, unless you select to format the sdcard. Also, I try to get into the habit of backing up the sdcard (internal and external) just incase of an accidental format.
  11. Kane5581

    Kane5581 Well-Known Member

    Yeah will do now that I know that "sdcard" is not the sdcard, and I lost all my backups, notes, passwords, game saves etc. I will never wipe the internal storage again.

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