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What is so special with these Otterbox cases?

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by darklide, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. darklide

    darklide Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What is so special with these Otterbox cases?


  2. AmneonX

    AmneonX Android Enthusiast

    The one on my Droid X has a rubber sleeve underneath the plastic cover. The plastic cover snuggly holds the rubber in place. The rubber absorbs the shock if it hits the ground, and it is recessed so that the screen can't hit the ground.

    I love my Otterbox, want to get one for my Galaxy Tab.
  3. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Yup, the rubber in place also protects my buttons for my droid like the camera, volume rocker, and power button. It's a quality product.
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  4. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    They are thick, heavy, boring, and almost indestructible. That's about it.
  5. WLDock

    WLDock Lurker

    I guess I understand why you asked the question. What makes this plastic and rubber case any different than the no-name super cheap cases on ebay?

    Well, I had the COMMUTER SERIES case on a Nokia 5230 and the phone still looks like new. The case fits like a glove and the silicone rubber feels good to the hands plus they come with a screen protector. The plastic gives the phone a little bit of smoothness in the right places, It drops nicely into the pockets. I dropped the phone a few times and the plastic did however crack. So, I replaced it with the IMPACT SERIES case and this one fits just as good and seems to be even a tad thicker. I am sure the phone could take a bounce and still survive unharmed.

    IMO, the Otterbox cases fit, feel, and protest better than the cheap generic cases sold on ebay and at the mall kiosk. While I did not want to pay retail price I was able to find much better pricing on Google shopping. No way would I carry my $400+ smartphone around everyday without some type of case like this...it is only a matter of time before the phone will be dropped on the ground!
  6. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    I highly recommend them. Their screen protectors are cut to fit the entire pane of glass, and the touchscreen feels exactly as if you're swiping on the original glass. It is also very clear. I forget that I have it on.

    I use the commuter series, which is 2 layers: silicone inner and partial hard shell outer. There's enough silicone exposed to give you some grip, but enough covered so taking it out of your pocket is very easy.

    The defender series is the heavy-duty protection: inner hard shell, silicone middle, outer hard shell. Great for very active/rugged use. I see some contractors who do home improvement with this level of protection.
  7. Ferrari353

    Ferrari353 Well-Known Member

    They are made with very high quality materials, and they offer superior protection. The only comparable competitor to Otterbox that I know of is Case-Mate.
  8. salmonman78

    salmonman78 Lurker

    I just they would make one that would fit onto my Optimus M, got a Otterbox on my sons iPod Touch and its one bad mother when it comes to the drops.
  9. Tazmanic

    Tazmanic Lurker

    Are they available for the Samsung Acclaim?
  10. Ferrari353

    Ferrari353 Well-Known Member

    go to amazon and search "samsung acclaim otterbox"
    My current phone (which is soon to be my old phone) wasn't on otterbox's website, but they had otterboxes for it on Amazon.
  11. chawski

    chawski Android Enthusiast

    another great thing about them is their customer service. I had a commuter case on my phone and the silicone sleeve started to stretch a little just from everyday use (being pulled from jean pockets, dropped here and there, etc) and getting a replacement was a breeze. I was asked to send them a picture of the dammage in question and within 20 minutes I had the tracking info for the replacement. yea, theyr a little on the pricey side, but its the last case youll need for your phone, and when the time comes to get a new phone, you can sell the old one in near new shape. $30 well spent
  12. droid_nexus

    droid_nexus Member

    I don't know I would prefer Speck
  13. I've got the Otterbox Defender...its thick, provides the ultimate protection for your phone with all the buttons and jacks all covered, screen is recessed so it doesnt hit the ground. It also has a screen protector built in. Definitely the most rugged case I've ever seen. And to be honest its not as bulky as you would think by the descriptions people have given of it.
  14. tori2012

    tori2012 Lurker

    I am a new owner of the Samsung Galaxy s3 and have an otterbox defender on it. Love this case! But I do not love the fact I have spent hours on trying to remove it. I've read it is a good idea to remove it occasionally to wipe any lint out on the underside of the screen protector. And if I should need to get to the battery area, I can not. I have even used the suggestions that Otterbox has emailed to me. I must be overthinking it! Anyone else with this problem? Only thing I've not tried is prying it with a screwdriver and I think that would damage something....
  15. BrowningX06

    BrowningX06 Lurker

    After you remove the outer rubber shell there should be 3 tabs that you pull up to separate the other 2 pieces. I had a hard time figuring this out when I got mine. I would advise you to only remove it when necessary to clean the stuff from behind the screen protector. I have noticed that the outer shell "stretches" some and now doesn't fit as good as it used to when I bought it.

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