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What is the best 2.1 ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by grindboy, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. grindboy

    grindboy Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,

    We've been waiting and waiting for HTC to give us the 2.1 update. I was willing to wait until April and now with today's news that the update is being pushed back to June I'm at my wits end.

    So my question to the illustrious Android community is this: What is the current best (most stable and feature complete) 2.1 ROM for the Hero?

    It doesn't have to be Sense enabled (In fact I quite like how stock 2.1 looks) and I'm not hugely fussed about flash.

    Google navigation is a must as I've been without turn-by-turn navigation since And2Nav stopped working on the Hero.

    Fully working hardware is also a must. So WiFi, Bluetooth, multi-touch etc.

    And finally, can someone direct me to a how to for installing ROMs this will be the first time I've done it.

    Many Thanks


    EDIT: Sorry found this post here: http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-hero/44053-current-rom-builds-versions-gsm-hero.html


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  2. snox187

    snox187 Well-Known Member

    am in the same boat and it seems all of us who where a little chicken to have a go before are ready to take the plunge after todays bomb (next upgrade will have to think long and hard about htc cos i think they have shot there selfs in the foot over the way the hero is being left in the dark). guess there gonna be a lot of threads like this popping up , so maybe if the experienced out there could put a good guide for us newbies it would be great , am 100% gonna flash and put custom rom on phone but a lot of threads i read about flashing have left me confused
  3. Nodders

    Nodders Android Enthusiast

    In the same boat as both of you. The link provided gives the means, but is there an accepted best ROM? If not is there anywhere to find the pros and cons of each ROM?
  4. themonkster

    themonkster Member

    I am Currently using Sense Hero 2.1 ROM by Stickman. I think this and Villain 5.2 are the main ones being used at the moment.

    Give them both a whirl it only takes a few minutes to flash.

    See which one suits.
  5. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

  6. phillevy

    phillevy Android Enthusiast

  7. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

    No I have not. But I have tried around 5 2.1 ROMS and I can safely say Villian is the best. Many people working on it makes light work. So there are no bugs. If any get reported they are sorted out ASAP.

    New updates bring new features and increase the speed.

    Legendary is also a great ROM.

    But 5.2 Villian is by far the king.
  8. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Stickmans was a little bit smoother IMO, it's just ruined by the theme.
  9. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    I am using SenseHero 2.1 for last one week. For me, it is far better than Villian 2.1 in all aspects particularly GPS and power consumption.
  10. phillevy

    phillevy Android Enthusiast

    Villian may be best - but I don't think you can ever be 100% certain until you have actually tried SenseHero like others have done.
  11. UbuntuBhoy

    UbuntuBhoy Lurker

    I took the jump last night & rooted and installed the sense rom. I did this because of two bits of news from this site, first that google navigation was now available in the UK, and second the delay in HTC putting out 2.1. I am contracted to 3UK, so had to use the goldcard method, a little bit of huffing and puffing with about a half dozen web pages open to flick between, but got there in the end mostly from tuts on the unlocker website. Only been messing about with it for a couple of hours, but don't see any problems so far. The only issue I cant get round is syncing my info back on from the PC, but that aint a deal beaker for me. If you have a good few hours I would recommend going for it.
  12. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    I did exactly the same last night, for exactly the same reasons, luckly gold card was not necessary for me. it took about 2 hours, and the sense rom has some known keyboard lag issues, apart from that, I'm loving the extra funcionality, I may try Villian's 2.1 ROM efore I make my mind up completly..
  13. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Double post
  14. Hybrid Ozone

    Hybrid Ozone Lurker

    After debating about waiting for the official 2.1 release, I too am now opting for a 3rd party ROM. I read you all talking about the SenseHero 2.1, where can I find this ROM to download? And is there a difference in how to install the SenseHero 2.1 to installing the Modaco Rom 3.2, as the "How To Root + Install Custom ROM + Backup + More" thread instructs???
  15. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Nope, flashing ROM's is exactly the same, which ever you decide to use..

    Which carrier are you with and which build are you running?
  16. Hybrid Ozone

    Hybrid Ozone Lurker

    My hero is unlocked and has been since it was bought, I am using orange network, firmware 1.5, build 2.73.405.5. This I upgraded the day I purchased the handset!
  17. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Its nice and easy for you then..

    1) Get root access

    2)Install Amron Ra recover image

    3)Do a nandroid backup of your rom

    4)Wipe the phone

    5)Flash a new ROM

    The guide at the top will walk you through it.
  18. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

  19. Hybrid Ozone

    Hybrid Ozone Lurker

    Excellent news, thanks for your help
  20. phillevy

    phillevy Android Enthusiast

    Can you think of anything that Villain offers that SenseHero doesn't?
  21. phillevy

    phillevy Android Enthusiast

  22. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    The normal htc sense theme :p Also his has a kitchen for donators.
  23. jUsT2eXy

    jUsT2eXy Android Enthusiast

    You just have to see the vast number of posts with the words 'thanks' etc to know that Villian is pretty good.

    Nprussell is a king over @ XDA lol. :D

    People stay up all night waiting eagerly for his ROMs... but most of the ROMs these days are based on the same build etc just different optimisations like JIT / live wallpapers etc.

    Give a few a go..see what you like.

    Battery life ain't great on any of them but I am sure you may find one might be marginally better than the other
  24. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    Yes! That is exactly what I notice...!
  25. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Why is the battery life so bad exactly?

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