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What is the best HDMI adapter

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thefley, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. thefley

    thefley Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What is the best HDMI adapter to use to mirror my Samsung S4 to a TV? I have read many reviews on the ones I have found on Amazon but they get bad reviews and many say compatible with S3 and S4 but the reviews say they don'e work with S4 when they get them.

    thanks for any help and suggestions

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  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    I'm willing to be corrected here but I don't believe that there is much to choose between them as long as it's the 11 pin version (required for S3 and S4) not the 5 pin version.

    Samsung does make an official MHL adapter, which will obviously work well so if you don't mind wasting money on an over-priced adapter in order to be sure it will definitely work, that's the one for you.

    I just remembered that there is a frequency difference between the adapters for the S3 and S4. The S3 adapter operates at 24Hz whereas the S4 one operates at 60Hz. They would both work on the S4 but you would get a better picture at 60Hz.
  3. shmn

    shmn Android Enthusiast

    I have this one and it works perfectly:

    MHL adapter for Samsung Galaxy S 4

    Bought it from that link. You can find cheaper ones but you may be taking a chance. I believe in spending my time and money once.
  4. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Android Enthusiast

    I picked up my Samsung S4 adapater (white one) for only $9.50 on eBay. So you shouldn't have to pay that much for the genuine article.
  5. cr6

    cr6 Newbie

    From what I understand the S3 MHL adapter is not compatible with the S4. They may have released an updated version though since the S4 had been out for awhile now. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  6. oleb84

    oleb84 Android Enthusiast

    Best thing to do its buy the official air play receiver from Samsung. Don't need to worry about excessive wires that way.
  7. allanlaw

    allanlaw Android Enthusiast

    I have the MONOPRICE MHL-HDMI adapter/cable specific for the S4 and it works perfectly. I stream HD content from Netflix into an older SONY Bravia HD LCD. Around $10.

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